Sustainability approach

Sustainability vision

We promote sustainability to ensure that the generations to come will likewise be able to grow up in a healthy physical and social environment with good prospects for the future.

Patrick Müller-Sarmiento and Henning Gieseke (Foto)

Patrick Müller-Sarmiento und Henning Gieseke
Chairmen of the Real Management Board

“Sustainability has been an integral part of our corporate strategy for many years. We therefore do more than merely make public declarations of intent. We follow the principle of Acting responsibly. This includes continuously expanding our product range according to ecological and socially compatible factors, pursuing a climate protection target for 2030 and treading completely new paths towards meeting customer needs and creating new jobs with our Food Lover concept in Krefeld.”

Approximately 36,000 employees in our 285 Real hypermarkets do what they can for our customers every day. Top quality, optimum service, unrivalled freshness and good value for money are among our fortes. 

Sustainability is an issue which has been embedded in our corporate strategy for some time. In accordance with the motto of “Acting responsibly”, we pursue our sustainability efforts in four different fields of action. We feel just as committed to environmental and consumer protection as we are to our employees and suppliers.

Fields of action

Fields of action, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)Fields of action, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)

Real’s sustainability clover defines the four fields of action within the “Acting responsibly” sustainability strategy. The company has formulated sustainability targets and concrete missions for each of these fields:

  • Product range: Our customers should be able to shop with us in good conscience. We are committed to minimising the use of raw materials and resources while simultaneously respecting and protecting people, animals and nature.
  • Employees: We support our employees in all life situations. We give our employees’ careers a jump start, offer them opportunities to grow and climb the career ladder, and provide them with support in difficult circumstances in their lives.
  • Environment: Our actions should have as little impact on the environment as possible and should conserve resources.
  • Customers and society: Our public activities are characterised by credible social responsibility and ties to the community.

The goals within the fields of action were developed in collaboration with the respective departments and have been strategically embedded in the company. Their operational implementation takes place in the various departments on the basis of concrete sub-goals and measures which have been defined accordingly. Additionally, Real continues to develop its sustainability strategy, checks its measures on a regular basis and adjusts them on the basis of new insights because the company views sustainability as a process which calls for the company to continuously evolve.

Excellent commitment to sustainability

Real’s many activities in the area of sustainability are also acknowledged and recognised by external stakeholders, as evidenced by, for example, the following awards:

Good Rabbit Award, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)
Inclusion Award 2015, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)
Trainer of the Year, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)
Sustainability Award, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)
Sustainability retail company, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)

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Good Rabbit Award 2016
In June 2016, Real was distinguished with the Good Rabbit Award for its special commitment to animal welfare. The award honours companies that use particularly animal-friendly husbandry systems for rabbits. Real has agreed on special criteria for rabbit welfare and housing with its suppliers. These include detailed requirements concerning the stocking density, space allowance, the consistency of the pen flooring and the feeding of the animals.

Inclusion Award of German Businesses
In October 2015, UnternehmensForum bestowed Real with the Inclusion Award of German Businesses in the Large Companies category. The award, which is sponsored by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, honours the exemplary integration of employees with disabilities in all of Real’s business units. The award is funded by the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA), the Federal Employment Agency (BA) and Charta der Vielfalt.

Trainer of the Year 2016
In September 2016, Eva Gatsioudi was named Trainer of the Year 2016 by the industry magazine Lebensmittel Praxis in the hypermarkets category. The deputy business manager and team leader has been training junior employees at Real for six years. This is the fourth time Real has been awarded this prize.

“Mit gutem Gewissen” (In good conscience) sustainability award
In a sustainability study conducted by Deutschland Test, Focus-Money and the Cologne-based consulting firm ServiceValue, Real was bestowed the silver “Mit gutem Gewissen” sustainability award in 2015. 1,000 brands from 56 industry sectors and product categories were analysed regarding their social, ecological and economic responsibility in online consumer surveys.

Company check 2015
In the company check conducted by Verbraucher Initiative e. V., Real was awarded gold in the Food and Luxury Food Items category in 2015. In the two categories Textiles and Footwear and Health and Body Care, the company was awarded silver. Unternehmens-Check is a database where consumers can obtain detailed information about the environmental and social efforts of retailers and manufacturers.