Employees field of action

Our mission: We support our employees in all life situations. We give our employees’ careers a jump start, offer them opportunities to grow and climb the career ladder, and provide them with support in difficult circumstances in their lives.

More than 36,000 people currently work for Real. Whether at the checkout or at incoming goods, as a master butcher or purchaser, at a sales centre or in marketing, they contribute to the success of the company everywhere and constitute its most important asset. Real therefore makes a point of supporting and encouraging its employees as best it can and of offering them an attractive work environment.

Real has an employment quota for individuals with severe disabilities of 8 per cent. The company was distinguished with the 2015 Inclusion Award of German Businesses for its endeavours in this area.

E-learning programme on sustainability

E-learning programme on sustainability, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)

Real helps its employees to grow and gives them the support they need to master new requirements. To this end, the company provides a large number of seminars, workshops and e-learning programmes. In the spirit of shared responsibility, the goal is to inform all staff members about the sustainability measures and their significance for Real and for society. Among other things, the company has been using an approximately 30-minute e-learning programme since 2015 which specifically explains the sustainability vision and the four fields of action. Various measures which Real has implemented for sustainable business are grouped under the heading “Acting responsibly”. Three additional programmes focus on saving energy, sustainable products and responsible purchasing.

Sustainable projects of trainees

Every year on Customer Focus Day, the company’s trainees throughout Germany implement projects relating to various business, ecological and social topics. In financial year 2015/16, for example, our junior staff informed customers about ways in which to avoid food waste, organised a welcome day for refugees and presented sustainable products and their origins. Altogether, more than 30 projects were realised.

Hardship fund

To give financial support to employees facing an emergency, Real set up a so-called hardship fund in 2012. It comprises donations from the staff and employer contributions, and is for the benefit of staff members who have made donations and their relatives and partners. The General Management and the Works Council decide jointly on how the funds are used. In the reporting period, eight employees received fast and unbureaucratic assistance in this way.