Field of action customers and society

Our mission: Our public activities are characterised by credible social responsibility and ties to the community.

Real assumes responsibility for society by conducting numerous voluntary projects and campaigns. The main focus is on supporting families with children and non-profit aid organisations. Another focus of the company’s social responsibility activities is the provision of transparent and comprehensive consumer information concerning a healthy lifestyle.

UNICEF fundraising drive

UNICEF fundraising drive, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)

Real has been supporting the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for six years with the sale of UNICEF Christmas cards, with the entire proceeds going to the organisation in Germany. Revenues totalling approximately €750,000 from the sale of these cards have been donated to the children’s fund since 2011. In the run-up to Christmas 2015, Real sold more than 22,000 sets of Christmas cards, generating sales revenues in the amount of €147,800 for UNICEF.

To expand their partnership, the two partners launched another joint campaign in financial year 2015/16. UNICEF teams went to 25 hypermarkets for several days to inform customers about the organisation’s work and promote becoming a UNICEF sponsor. This resulted in approximately 1,500 sponsors being recruited.  

Wish tree campaign for children

Every year at Christmas, children in need and sick children are thrilled to have their Christmas present wishes fulfilled thanks to the Real wish tree campaign. Here, the company works closely with local institutions such as children’s homes, children’s hospices and children’s food banks. The children’s wishes are attached to wish trees in all Real hypermarkets during Advent – the customers can then take them home and bring joy to the children with a gift.

Since the start of the campaign in 2008, Real has fulfilled more than 160,000 children’s wishes –15,000 in financial year 2015/16 alone.

Long-term collaboration with food banks

Die Tafeln Logo, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)

Real has enjoyed a more than ten-year partnership with the national food bank organisation Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e. V. The hypermarkets throughout Germany donate food items which have not yet reached their best-before date to local food banks. These pass the products on to people in need. In addition, the stores regularly initiate campaigns in which customers purchase donations in kind at Real and pass them on to the local food bank.

Alt gegen neu, picture credits: real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH (Grafik)

In mid-2016, Real called on customers and partners to participate in a very special venture with the “Alt gegen Neu” (Old for new) bike exchange campaign: during a two-week campaign, all customers were invited to exchange their old bikes in return for an instant discount of up to about €348 in one of the hypermarkets. All the customers who donated a roadworthy bike or a bike in need of repair also received a discount on selected new models. To make the exchanged or donated bikes fit for the road again, Real invited customers, hobby mechanics and craftsmen to participate in “repair days” held at 16 stores. The 758 repaired bikes were donated to local food banks.

Customer information on a healthy lifestyle

Under the motto of „Besser Leben” (Better living), Real promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers its customers specific information regarding this issue – in brochures, magazines, flyers, on the company website and in the hypermarkets. In addition, consumers can learn about a balanced diet and sports- and health-related issues on the “Besser Leben” website.

To help customers eat a balanced diet, Real also provides clear information on the components of individual food items. For example, the packaging of all own-brand items contains nutrition information tables offering an overview of the energy and nutrient content and information about the percentage of the recommended daily allowance that the product supplies. Customers can also learn about specific issues in extensive lists on Real website, such as: which products have been clarified with gelatin and which lab was used for which product?