Sustainability approach

Absolute customer focus is the primary motivation for METRO Cash & Carry. We want to be the best partner to independent entrepreneurs. We regard the challenges our customers face as our own, we tackle these challenges and we offer our customers the best solutions, including in terms of sustainability. Because we firmly believe that commercial success goes hand in hand with sustainable actions.

Pieter C. Boone
Member of the Management Board of METRO AG and CEO of METRO Cash & Carry

“At METRO Cash & Carry, value is added on-site – where we do business, at our stores and where our customers are in 25 countries, or even 35 countries if you include the Food Service Distribution operations of Classic Fine Foods. And this is true for economic as well as for sustainable value. This gives us a clear purpose as a company. As a Champion for Independent Business, it is our aim to support the activities of our customers and partners with sustainable products, services and inspiration – in ways that are as local, customised and effective as possible. Our strong relationships with our partners on the ground are absolutely essential in this.”

Our leverage (Grafik)Our leverage (Grafik)

As an international wholesale company, METRO Cash & Carry has an enormous reach. We operate approximately 750 stores in 25 countries with our more than 107,000 employees. Locally, we reach some 21 million customers – and together with them countless consumers. We use this leverage to assist our partners and customers and also their consumers in acting sustainably. By implementing specific measures, we contribute to mastering challenges and seize opportunities for our business. Additionally, we boost acceptance among our stakeholder groups and enhance our reputation.

The measures we take are focused on four areas:

  • We offer our employees an attractive work environment and prospects for the future so that they can give our customers optimum support.
  • We handle limited resources such as fossil fuels and other raw materials responsibly in our own operations. This gives us leeway for investments to come up with attractive solutions for our customers and for new business areas, and it also helps us to counter the consequences of climate change.
  • We manage our sourcing and select our product assortment responsibly. As a result, we can offer our customers sustainable products and services. Additionally, we pass our expertise in the fields of resource management, sourcing and assortment composition onto independent entrepreneurs in order to generate long-term business perspectives and a competitive edge for them and for us.
  • We encourage them to act sustainably by assuming responsibility ourselves and by inspiring customers and partners with our new ways of thinking. This makes us an attractive partner for internal and external stakeholders as well as existing and prospective employees, customers, business partners and representatives from the fields of politics and science and of associations. In addition, with our commitment to social and ecological concerns, we make a contribution to society at our stores and wherever help is needed.

Sustainability vision

Sustainability is an integral part of the core business of METRO Cash & Carry. We established the strategic framework for this with METRO SUSTAINABLE. It is based on our vision:

As Champion for Independent Business we will make trading sustainable and by doing so overcome conventional limits to growth. Bringing our needs and ambitions in line with the needs of nature, people and future generations will provide METRO with long-term prospects for prosperity. By inspiring, motivating and enabling our customers and partners alike, we can leverage this vision to millions.


Within this framework, we have defined fields of action for METRO Cash & Carry and have set concrete targets for our company.

The four fields of action of METRO Cash & Carry are:

  • Operations
  • Offer
  • Employees
  • Corporate Citizenship


Our established governance structure, which consists of our Sustainability Committee and the sustainability managers at the corporate and national levels, ensures efficient implementation and constant control.

MCC Sustainability Committee (Grafik)MCC Sustainability Committee (Grafik)