Field of action employees

More than 107,000 employees in 25 countries contribute significantly to the success of METRO Cash & Carry. They work towards the success of the company and its customers every day and are valuable ambassadors of METRO SUSTAINABLE. For this reason, METRO Cash & Carry regards it as a key task to create an attractive, fair and safe work environment for them that offers diversity and inclusion. The company promotes staff development and encourages and inspires its employees to act sustainably. METRO Cash & Carry

  • is globally committed to fair and safe labour conditions and recognises the right of its employees to unionise within the framework of national laws and legislation,
  • ensures that its employees can work productively and safely,
  • offers long-term prospects, both for the employees and for the company, and
  • is committed to diversity and inclusion.

Fair and safe labour conditions

Fair and safe labour conditions for the employees are a basic requirement that enables them to carry the company in the long term. For this reason, setting a framework within which it can act is crucial, as is the application and implementation of internal guidelines for respecting this framework. For example, METRO Cash & Carry unreservedly supports the principles of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. At the same time, the company endeavours to create a sound and low-stress work environment for healthy and productive employees. Specifically, METRO Cash & Carry guarantees the organised implementation of guidelines in the METRO Cash & Carry countries by employing occupational health and safety officers.

Information on projects and initiatives in the areas of fair labour conditions and occupational health and safety can be found in the CR Report in the chapter Commitment to the employees and in the Annual Report 2015/16, Employees chapter.

Ambassadors of sustainability

To effectively promote the issue of sustainability within the entire METRO GROUP, the METRO Sustainable Leadership Program (MSLP) for young managers was launched in financial year 2014/15. It helps the participants to understand sustainability, including in relation to managerial skills, to integrate it into their everyday work and to act as ambassadors of the issue. Additionally, the participants initiate specific sustainability projects which relate to the business and are designed to generate added value for the company. At the same time, participation in the programme and the project work result in an ever-growing sustainability community in which people can learn from one another and can jointly promote the goal of firmly embedding sustainability in the company. The second round of the MSLP in financial year 2015/16 comprised 24 international co-workers from all the sales lines, METRO AG and its service companies. They are currently working on 20 projects.

Ambassador approach METRO Cash & Carry Hungary

A project of METRO Cash & Carry Hungary demonstrates the lasting success of this programme particularly well: in 2016, a participant of the first round of the MSLP developed an ambassador programme for sustainability, resulting in a snowball effect of the lessons learned in the programme. The aim of the ambassador approach is to raise awareness of sustainability by means of seminars and workshops, and to embed the issue more firmly and systematically promote it within the company together with committed co-workers. The network, which now comprises over 40 co-workers, works on various projects on topics such as saving energy, selective waste management and optimised packaging, paperless delivery services and ProCleaning, which is the transition from conventional detergents for hygiene-intensive areas in the stores to environmentally friendly alternatives.

Promoting employee involvement and knowledge

The METRO Cash & Carry countries offer various programmes and activities which aim to promote awareness of sustainability within the company, impart knowledge and systematically encourage employee involvement. Some typical examples of this are special product training seminars on sustainable product selection at METRO Cash & Carry Italy, a fuel saving training seminar and the organisation of an ideas competition regarding how to avoid food waste at METRO Cash & Carry Germany.

METRO GROUP generated significant leverage for spreading and embedding sustainability with its new communication tool UNITED in financial year 2014/15. The internal social network, which now has more than 52,000 registered users, allows the employees not only to search for information and create, share or comment on posts, but also to jointly develop ideas and actively participate in the company’s ongoing development. Experts and knowledge within the company can be quickly found and linked on a large number of pages and workspaces. Ten national METRO Cash & Carry subsidiaries have already created a country-specific sustainability page and numerous workspaces on individual topics such as sustainable fish, palm oil and packaging.

Diversity and inclusion

WiT Logo (Grafik)

METRO Cash & Carry reflects the diversity of its customers and business partners by means of its individuality and diversity as well as respect for and recognition of all visible and invisible differences, and creates a fair and efficient corporate culture which is constantly developing and challenging itself.

This is also the objective of the METRO GROUP employee network Women in Trade (WiT) founded in 2013, which is committed to the principle of “Better, more, flexible” specifically regarding women in the retail business. In financial year 2015/16, the network, which had previously only been based at the Düsseldorf Campus, organised an annual conference on the topic of agile working. Thanks to numerous activities such as monthly network lunch meetings, training courses and workshops on focus issues such as mentoring and working in matrix organisations, WiT was able to recruit many new members in the reporting period, including within the METRO Cash & Carry organisation. There are now approximately 290 employees within the network.

LEAD (Grafik)

The European LEAD Network (Leading Executives Advancing Diversity) pursues objectives similar to those of WiT, its mission being to advance women in the retail and food industries in Europe. METRO GROUP became an active partner in 2016, for example by appointing women to management positions; 108 METRO GROUP employees are already active members of the network. METRO Cash & Carry was a co-initiator of and participant in a survey of 25 store managers (21 of whom were women) at LEAD member companies specifically on the subject of the advancement of female store managers.

Read more on this topic in the Annual Report 2015/16.