Field of action corporate citizenship

As a company with a sustainable outlook, METRO Cash & Carry aims not only to contribute to society through its core business, but also to live up to its responsibility as a corporate citizen. The company fulfils this commitment by way of diverse voluntary social and environmental efforts at all its locations around the world. For example, METRO Cash & Carry supports local initiatives, is actively involved in corporate volunteering projects, helps local people in need and provides unbureaucratic and quick relief when disaster strikes and in emergency situations.

International Care & Share initiative

Care & Share Logo (Grafik)

Since 2008, METRO Cash & Carry has been organising its voluntary work and social responsibility projects under the umbrella of the international Care & Share initiative.

One of its focuses is the company’s commitment on behalf of food banks, which METRO Cash & Carry has been supporting daily with food donations for over 20 years. The goods donated are still of impeccable quality, but can no longer be sold in the stores because they are close to their best-before date. METRO Cash & Carry supports local food banks in 15 countries in this way. In addition, METRO GROUP is a strong partner of the German food bank network ‘Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e. V.’ and cooperates at the European level with the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA).

The various local activities of the national METRO Cash & Carry subsidiaries likewise demonstrate how Care & Share is implemented as an international umbrella brand at the local level. The company provides emergency aid as part of this initiative to mitigate the consequences of disasters. In December 2015, for example, METRO Cash & Carry India provided relief supplies worth €4,700 together with €2,300 in cash donations from staff members in the southern Indian city of Chennai following flooding caused by heavy downpours.

In November 2015, METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan and its strategic partner Habib METRO Pakistan (House of Habib) donated nine tonnes of food plus other everyday items needed by the families affected by an earthquake in Shangla in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Staff members volunteered to help with transporting the relief supplies and distributing them at the site of the disaster.

UN World Food Programme

WFP Logo (Grafik)

In June 2016, METRO Cash & Carry embarked on a global, long-term partnership with the UN World Food Programme (WFP), the largest humanitarian organization working to end hunger worldwide. In this partnership, which is implemented at the local level by the national METRO Cash & Carry subsidiaries, the company and its employees and customers collect donations in a number of campaigns in order to help people in need. Additionally, the partnership serves as a platform for the exchange of expertise and the targeted development of initiatives. METRO Cash & Carry has thus entered into a partnership which is very closely linked to the company’s core business. It arose from the highly successful collaboration that was established in 2012 between WFP Italia and METRO Cash & Carry Italy, which has helped to provide approximately one million schoolchildren with school meals. With the launch of this new, global partnership, METRO Cash & Carry firmly believes that it will be a strong partner of WFP in the years to come, working together to end world hunger.

Corporate volunteering: unbureaucratic aid at the local level

METRO Cash & Carry also assumes social responsibility in exceptional situations, emergencies and crises by providing pragmatic on-site assistance. This is exemplified by the “We Help” community programme for refugee aid, which METRO GROUP initiated in October 2015. The aim of the initiative, which was initially limited to one year, was to provide unbureaucratic assistance, alleviate acute distress and contribute to the integration of refugees. The Management Board of METRO AG provided €1 million for this cause. Group employees could apply for one-off funding of up to €10,000 each for local projects in which they became personally involved.

Altogether, 119 volunteer projects were approved, of which 37 were submitted by METRO Cash & Carry employees from six countries. For example, on the initiative of a staff member in Serbia, a number of employees there now actively support the integration of refugees under the slogan of “Let’s live together!”. Among other activities, the volunteers organise various cultural events and joint outings, and accompany the refugees on, for example, doctor’s visits.

“We Help” will be continued with an expanded focus from the beginning of 2017, with employees then being able to apply for funding for projects that benefit anyone in need.