Sustainability approach

Media-Saturn sees itself as a responsible and sustainable partner and as an everyday companion and navigator for consumers in an increasingly digital world. As a provider of products and services which have a considerable impact on society and the environment, we also derive sustainability targets from this mission of ours and divide them into three areas of action.

Portrait Pieter Haas (Foto)

Pieter Haas 
Member of the Management Board METRO AG and CEO, Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH

“We at Media-Saturn believe that, in an increasingly digital world, it is our duty to assist our customers as a partner, daily companion and navigator. This is particularly true with respect to sustainability. If possible in all areas we assume responsibility for offering products that are produced sustainably and consume little energy. We also employ digital technologies and provide customer-focused services that allow people to truly practise sustainability with regard to the environment, the climate and resources.”

Responsible offers: To enable our staff to provide first-rate advice concerning sustainability issues, we place great importance on training and advanced training, and support them with new technologies such as digital price tags and employee tablets. At the same time, we support responsible purchasing decisions by labelling sustainable products in the online shops and stores. And in our role as a manufacturer, we apply high sustainability standards and urge our suppliers to do likewise.

Responsibility towards the environment, the climate and resources: When designing new and modernising existing stores and other properties, energy efficiency is a top priority for us, and we constantly look for solutions to minimise our resource consumption. We also offer our customers various ways in which to return old appliances and the option of selling certain appliances that are still serviceable.

Responsibility towards employees and society: Since our employees are expected to be a success factor regarding and ambassadors of sustainability, we support them in their own sustainability-related endeavours, offering them a diverse range of services for their personal well-being. We help society and the environment on the one hand by assisting our customers in making the right purchasing decisions. On the other hand, we assume corporate responsibility and actively support social causes in many different ways.

We intend to make sustainability an integral part of our business practices in the future. Digitisation, new service concepts and a wide range of sustainable products offer us an increasing number of opportunities to assist our customers in particular in sustainability-related matters and to live up to our aspiration of being a responsible company.

Here are a few examples of activities and possibilities in the three areas of action.

Areas of action (Grafik)