Responsibility towards employees and society

The Media-Saturn group of companies and its brands also regard their employees as ambassadors of sustainability and therefore train them in the best way possible so as to promote responsible actions and thinking. In addition, the group of companies provides extra benefits to promote employee health.

Sustainability human capital development topic

Training (Foto)

To be able to provide information about sustainability-related issues in addition to conventional product advice, store employees attend regular product training sessions provided by the manufacturers. These sessions include subjects such as energy efficiency and water consumption. At Saturn Germany, the participants also receive online training on special sustainability aspects relating to the product groups smartphones, tablets and notebooks. These aspects include rare earth metals, working conditions in production and conflict resources.

Media-Saturn has integrated the topic of sustainability into the syllabuses of its trainee and talent programmes at its headquarters in Ingolstadt. For instance, interested finance trainees can select sustainability as a part of their programme and take on projects in this area. In the programme for young executives, the future managers and department heads participate in a planning game to learn how sustainability can be implemented in the company.

Sustainability is already a component of the selection of employees at the assessment and development centre.

International executives are given an introduction to the sustainability initiatives of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH during their induction in Ingolstadt. In 2016, sustainability managers responsible for the coordination and implementation of sustainability were appointed at the international branches and service companies. They are gradually becoming contact persons and multipliers for additional sustainability activities in their respective countries and service companies.

Information on sustainability for employees

The employee magazine “GoGreen” has been available to all Saturn store employees in Germany since March 2016. It publishes information on ongoing sustainability initiatives at Saturn Germany, provides interesting sustainability-related facts and figures such as changes in legislation or guidelines and presents concrete examples from various stores throughout Germany. The magazine is published four times a year.

Since mid-2015, interesting information on the sustainability programme has been provided on the intranet for all Media-Saturn employees. They can also learn about projects already implemented and ongoing initiatives here. Media-Saturn not only focuses on the workplace, but also gives comprehensive tips on how to act sustainably in all areas of life and provides information on current sustainability-related trends and news. After the page impressions and number of site visitors were assessed and feedback from the staff was received, the website was relaunched in August 2016. The improved layout and the new structure are designed to get even more employees excited about sustainability at Media-Saturn. The website now also contains a more detailed overview of the sustainability programme.

Car sharing portal at the Ingolstadt site

Since the beginning of June 2016, all the employees at the Ingolstadt site have been able to use TwoGo, an SAP car sharing portal, free of charge. Requests for routes and times can be entered via an app. On the basis of this information, the portal automatically finds the lift that suits the respective employee best, getting them to work cheaply and with minimum environmental impact. By the end of September 2016, a total of 86 lifts had already been arranged, primarily for commutes between Nuremberg and Ingolstadt. This equals savings of about 1,385 kilograms of carbon emissions. In the future, the car sharing portal TwoGo is to be available to all store employees in Germany. To this end, Media-Saturn is developing various concepts and examining options for an international roll-out.

Health and sport services

Service health sport (Grafik)

With our health initiative “Fit bleibt vorn”, staff members at the Ingolstadt headquarters can register at certain gyms at a reduced rate and find training partners for various sports via an internal platform. Additionally, the “Fit bleibt vorn” team organises the preparation and participation of the Media-Saturn runners in the FitnessRun & Walk, the half-marathon and the triathlon in Ingolstadt. A special event of the initiative is the annual Media-Saturn Cup, a football tournament for all employees of the Media-Saturn group of companies. In late June 2016, 40 international teams from administration offices and stores took part in the sports competition for the challenge cup.

The employees also have the opportunity to donate blood and make medical check-up appointments – for instance to get flu shots or have their eyesight tested – at regular intervals.

Target group-specific training programme

In addition to workshops and conventional training, modern media are to be increasingly integrated into vocational training and further education. At the international level, for instance, the network Yammer is being tested as an internal social media platform for, among other things, sustainability issues. In addition, Media-Saturn is developing target group-specific training concepts for its stores, administration and national subsidiaries. Once the issue of sustainability has been presented separately to the sustainability managers, a joint kick-off event for all countries is planned for early 2017.