Sustainability approach

Corporate strategy (Grafik)Corporate strategy (Grafik)

Generating added value for our customers is at the heart of METRO GROUP’s corporate strategy. The principle of sustainability constitutes the framework for this. This is because METRO GROUP sees itself as part of society and contributes to social value added.

Our company has a responsibility to go beyond the legal requirements in reconciling economic goals with society’s requirements and those of our customers, staff, investors and partners. At the same time, we have to remain within the boundaries imposed by the environment. We act today with tomorrow in mind. For our business activities, this means creating added value while also reducing detrimental effects. In this manner, we become sustainable in everything we do.

Heiko Hutmacher
Member of the Management Board and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of METRO AG

“With respect to sustainability, we aspire to doing the right things better and better. This means generating added value for our customers while at the same time using resources responsibly and creating positive effects for society.”

We become sustainable in all that we do …

Areas of responsibility

for our employees, …

… by respecting, protecting and helping them to grow professionally at all times, and by building trusting relationships with them. And by enabling them to systematically make sustainability a part of their work. This is how we create an attractive working environment which enables our employees to offer our customers sustainable solutions that optimally serve their needs.

Commitment to our employees

for the environment, …

… by using resources responsibly in our own operations and avoiding waste. This is how we minimise our effect on the climate and protect the environment. And by contributing to the long-term availability of resources through sustainable procurement and assortment design. This is how we help to create a sound foundation for the retail of tomorrow.

Sustainable operations and sustainable procurement and assortment

for the people who work for us, …

... through fair and responsible business practices and by providing fair living and working conditions. This is how we demonstrate responsibility in the supply chain.

Sustainable procurement and assortment

for our consumers, …

... by providing them with safe, quality products around the world through sustainable procurement and assortment design. And with products that are produced, processed and recycled in a socially responsible, environmentally sound and resource-friendly manner. This is how we secure our future and promote sustainable consumption.

Sustainable consumption

for society, …

... by aligning our business with the needs of society through a stakeholder dialogue based on mutual trust and by contributing to our local communities wherever we operate. This is how we work on solutions to global challenges and contribute to sustainable development.

Social engagement