Embedding sustainability

To live up to our standard of sustainability, it is imperative that we strategically embed this principle in our core business. We ensure this with our Sustainability Board and its committees, by adjusting the relevant business and decision-making processes and by specifically discussing this issue with our staff members. The goal is for every one of them to recognise the significance of sustainability for themselves and for their work environment, and to be guided accordingly in their individual behaviour. After all, the issue may be pushed from the top, but it must be carried by everyone.

Embedding sustainability (Grafik)Embedding sustainability (Grafik)



Status – goal achievement


Status – measures


METRO GROUP is systematically making sustainability part of its work.

Work in progress

In a first step, sustainability was integrated into all the key business processes by 2016 by identifying the key processes and their link to the topic on the basis of a materiality analysis.
In a second step, the issue is being continuously implemented within the business processes, for example on the basis of guidelines.

Measure ongoing

Enhancing employees’ awareness of sustainable behaviour.

Development of a sustainability campaign completed.

  • Internal and external communication materials on the topic of "METRO and sustainability" being generated and distributed.
  • Conducting of workshops on "sustainability within METRO GROUP", in particular in the Cash & Carry country organisations.
  • Additionally, sustainability events held, such as a Sustainability Day at the headquarters and in 13 countries.

Inclusion of a dedicated question on sustainability in the annual employee opinion survey, METRO Voice. The survey is conducted at METRO Cash & Carry and in the service companies.

Measure ongoing

Sustainability has been and will continue to be included as a topic in existing training programmes.

Establishment of a programme for management development for the specific purpose of boosting sustainability awareness.

Measure ongoing

Our company has various measures and tools available for advancing the sustainability embedding process: