Business model

METRO GROUP’s corporate structure is characterised by a clear division of responsibilities. The group is headed by METRO AG. As the central management holding company, it assumes the tasks associated with group management. These specifically include finance, controlling, legal issues and compliance. Central management and administrative functions for METRO Cash & Carry are formally anchored within METRO AG.

Operational business is the responsibility of three sales lines. They operate in the market partly with different brands or via subsidiaries, depending on the respective strategy, the segment and the specific competitive environment.

METRO Cash & Carry is responsible for wholesale business, Media-Saturn for consumer electronics retailing and Real for hypermarkets. All the sales lines bear full responsibility for their entire value chain – from purchasing and logistics to bricks-and-mortar retail and online sales.

Service companies assist the METRO GROUP sales lines across the board with services, for instance in the fields of real estate, logistics, IT and advertising.

An overview of METRO GROUP

METRO GROUP overview (Grafik)METRO GROUP overview (Grafik)

Information on the METRO GROUP strategy is available in the Annual Report 2015/16 at Goals and strategy.