Repairing things is inherently sustainable

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Moritz Zyrewitz


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Moritz Zyrewitz Repairing things is inherently sustainable
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For us, materiality means fighting the cause instead of the effect. » «

Moritz Zyrewitz is one of the founders of The portal that he and two friends developed in 2014 provides information and services in the area of electronics, repairs and disposal. It offers three options: follow instructions to fix the device yourself, hire a repair service or purchase a new product while selling or disposing of the used item. was a participant in the Media-Saturn tech accelerator SPACELAB and is now cooperating with more than 100 Media Markt and Saturn stores.

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Repairing things
is inherently sustainable » «

Mr Zyrewitz, where did the idea for the start-up come from?

If you want to repair your mobile phone, you’ll find lots of videos and instructions on the internet. We bundled this knowledge into a kind of Wikipedia for instruction manuals. That earned us an award and enabled us to refine our concept. And since not everyone has the skill or the time to fix things themselves, we also offer information on repair services to those people who visit our platform.

Your motto is “Just fix it”. But why should we do that?

For our users, there are three reasons. First, it makes economic sense, because it saves me the cost of a new device. Second, it’s ecological, because by repairing my mobile phone, I extend its product life cycle and reduce e-waste. The third reason is my curiosity to better understand a product that I use daily and take for granted.

Would you describe as a sustainable company?

To begin with, is a normal company that’s ethical and sustainable by virtue of our values and products. In our market segment, we strive to offer people an alternative to discarding broken devices. After all, repairing things is inherently sustainable. By providing for the repair of 50,000 mobile phones in the last 18 months, we’ve prevented tonnes of electronic scrap. That’s our contribution to sustainability.

What are the next goals and challenges for

We aim to increase awareness of our brand and expand our product line. If does a good job repairing my smartphone, then why not also my coffee maker or my washing machine? We want to grow and soon be making a profit. But growth also brings the challenge of managing a larger team and ensuring that it can succeed on the market over the long term.

While maintaining what made what it was right from the start …

… absolutely. In the future, people should still be saying: Hey, is a great source of information that helps me decide whether to fix my electronic device myself, have it repaired or buy a new one. It’s an honest intermediary that saves me time and money.

Just get it fixed: users who can’t repair their smartphones themselves can find an overview of local repair services on the platform

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Ambitious start-up team: Frederico dos Reis, Moritz Zyrewitz, Tobias Kronawitter and Joseph Hufnagl are the minds behind

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