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Media-Saturn is the European leader in consumer electronics retailing and related services. The group of companies regards itself as a responsible and sustainable partner, daily companion and navigator for consumers in an increasingly digitised world. With its portfolio of formats and brands, Media-Saturn flexibly addresses the requirements of different customer groups and countries: the company includes the Media Markt and Saturn brands, which are dovetailing their more than 1,000 physical stores with online sales platforms. In addition, the group of companies operates pure online retail platforms such as Redcoon and iBood as well as the digital entertainment platform Juke.


€21,869 M


€454 M

EBIT margin

+2.1 %

Sales of Media-Saturn 2015/16

by region

Sales of Media-Saturn 2015/16 (pie chart)

Like-for-like sales of Media-Saturn increased by 0.1 per cent in financial year 2015/16. Sales in local currency rose by 1.6 per cent while reported sales grew by 0.6 per cent to €21.9 billion. Online retail maintained its strong momentum: The Media Markt and Saturn brands boosted their online sales by about 35 per cent to €1.6 billion. In contrast, the pure online business that is not linked to the sales line’s store-based business declined mostly as a result of the closure of selected unprofitable wholesale businesses at Redcoon. All in all, online sales (including in-store pick-up by customers) increased by about 11 per cent to €2.0 billion. As a result, online retail now accounts for nearly 9 per cent of Media-Saturn’s total sales, a new record.

Like-for-like sales in Germany increased by 1.2 per cent. Reported sales rose by 3.3 per cent to €10.3 billion, enabling Media-Saturn to continue to strengthen its market position in Germany.

In Western Europe (excluding Germany), like-for-like sales declined by 1.0 per cent. Like-for-like sales declined in Switzerland and Italy in particular, but increased in Spain and the Netherlands. Sales in local currency improved by 0.4 per cent. Reported sales also rose by 0.4 per cent to €8.9 billion.

A futuristic shopping experience

Media-Saturn sees itself as a partner, day-to-day companion and navigator for consumers in an increasingly digitising world. Accordingly, the company is continually expanding its service portfolio and testing futuristic concepts – for example, at the Digital Store in Barcelona, which opened in the summer of 2016. There, the digital presentation of goods plays a central role: on large-format screens, customers can explore a range of some 5,000 Media Markt articles. The displays show all product specifications and enable the customer to compare and order items either for immediate pickup or for home delivery. At any time of day or night, a robot will bring the ordered goods from the adjoining warehouse to the customer. In contrast, the professional sales advice does not come in digital, but rather in personal form, with employees on hand at the 400-square-metre test store to help customers navigate the virtual product range. The store also offers training in various aspects of digitisation. There is an interactive drawing wall for children, and all other customers can don virtual reality glasses and immerse themselves in exciting digital worlds while observers follow their virtual journeys on a video screen.

Like-for-like sales in Eastern Europe fell slightly by 0.6 per cent due mostly to the negative trend in Russia and Poland. In contrast, sales increased in Turkey and Hungary. Sales in Eastern Europe declined by 0.9 per cent in local currency. Due mostly to negative currency effects, reported sales decreased by 8.1 per cent.

The international share of sales declined from 53.9 per cent to 52.7 per cent in financial year 2015/16.

EBIT at Media-Saturn fell to €300 million in financial year 2015/16 (2014/15: €336 million). This figure includes higher special items of €154 million (2014/15: €107 million). These items involved numerous restructuring and efficiency-enhancing measures. EBIT before special items climbed from €442 million to €454 million.

On 30 September 2016, Media-Saturn had 1,023 consumer electronics stores in 15 countries, including 424 in Germany, 377 in Western Europe (excluding Germany) and 222 in Eastern Europe.

For more information, see the Annual Report 2015/16.

Sales of Media-Saturn 2015/16

by region

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