Investor Relations

Throughout the financial year, the Investor Relations department provides comprehensive information to all capital market participants. In performing this work, it applies the guidelines of customer-centred capital market support. In particular, this involves: 

  • Topicality: assurance of information leadership
  • Continuity: consistency in external communications
  • Credibility: dissemination of completely accurate information
  • Equal treatment: all recipients receive the same information at the same time

The fixed dates for regular reporting form the framework for capital market communications. The financial year began with such communications efforts as the announcement of the sales results for the past financial year in October 2015. During the annual business press conference and a conference call for analysts and investors on 15 December 2015, METRO AG thoroughly presented the annual report covering business developments during financial year 2014/15. The sales report for the Christmas quarter was released on 10 January 2016. A month after the end of each quarter, METRO AG held a conference call to inform capital market participants about the previous reporting period. The conference calls can be followed live online and are available along with a presentation in the Investor Relations section of METRO GROUP’s website. The associated reports are also freely available there. The Investor Relations department informs the public about additional relevant developments in the Investor News section.

During financial year 2015/16, the Investor Relations department continued its direct dialogue with shareholders, potential investors and analysts through presentations in all key financial markets in Europe and the United States. In addition, analysts and investors had the opportunity to assure themselves about METRO GROUP’s high-performance capabilities during store visits at the METRO GROUP headquarters in Düsseldorf. METRO GROUP receives frequent requests for discussions with company representatives and visits of company locations, reflecting the high level of interest in the group.

The retail investors in METRO AG are another significant shareholder group. They constitute the largest number of investors. Their central and practical source of information is the Investor Relations section of METRO GROUP’s website, which is available in German and English. The web presence includes insights into the company’s strategy and business development, new publications as well as an archive of annual reports going back to the establishment of METRO AG in 1996. In addition, investors can contact the Investor Relations department directly. The Annual General Meeting provides shareholders with the opportunity to learn more about METRO GROUP and see the members of the Management Board in person. During the Annual General Meeting, the Investor Relations team is available for discussions with investors present at the meeting.

Through its membership in the German Equity Institute (Deutsches Aktieninstitut e. V., DAI) in Frankfurt, METRO AG actively supports efforts to foster an equity investment culture in Germany. In addition, METRO GROUP is committed to the principles of open and continuous communication through its membership in the German Investor Relations Association (Deutscher Investor Relations Verband e. V., DIRK).

Contact Investor Relations

Investor Relations
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Phone: +49 (211) 6886-1051
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