Areas of responsibility

When it comes to defining our responsibilities and key areas of focus, we do not just rely on our own internal perspective. By participating in economic and socio-political dialogue and working together with external stakeholders, we can identify their expectations and requirements with respect to our actions at an early stage. We select the areas and issues relevant to our commitment to sustainability based on both the internal and the external points of view. In this way, we create a basis for determining strategic objectives and developing specific measures. For the first time ever, we also conducted a stakeholder survey, which also helps us to confirm the relevance of the issues we have identified. It was part of this year’s materiality analysis.

For more information about stakeholder relationships and our materiality analysis, see our online METRO GROUP Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16 at

We focus on segments of the value chain and our interaction with society where our influence is the greatest. We have identified the following areas of responsibility for our company:

  • Commitment to our employees
  • Sustainable operations
  • Sustainable procurement and assortment
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Social engagement

In the following, we will provide an overview of the focus topics of our different areas of responsibility. Integration of the concept of sustainability into our sales lines’ strategy process has resulted in additional specific focal areas at the operating level. These are presented in detail in the METRO GROUP Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16.

For more details and key figures on the topic of sustainability at the level of METRO GROUP and our sales lines, see our online METRO GROUP Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16 at