Employer-employee relationships

METRO GROUP supports open dialogue at various levels between its management and employees or employee representatives. We want to ensure good long-term working conditions for employees and thus contribute to growth. Specifically, this means:

  • We apply the principles of fair working conditions and social partnership in all our activities.
  • We encourage our management to create an open and trusting work environment in which people share their ideas and problems.
  • We regularly meet with our employees and/or their representatives to inform them about the business situation and ask them for feedback.
  • We regularly check that our stores and offices observe our principles governing fair working conditions and social partnership.

Based on reviews conducted in Turkey, Poland and Austria, we launched the next project during the reporting period aimed at an extended review of fair working conditions and social partnership in our stores and offices in the METRO GROUP countries. This extended review is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and, in addition to METRO GROUP’s seven global principles on fair working conditions and social partnership, also comprises employee data protection. The project was piloted at METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine in October 2016. Reviews in another six METRO Cash & Carry countries will follow in 2017.

METRO GROUP actively participates in the annual UNI Global METRO Alliance meeting. In November 2015, employee representatives met with management representatives in Berlin to discuss their views regarding developments within METRO GROUP in the various countries.

At the European level, the METRO GROUP Euro Forum acts as a European works council.

METRO GROUP has also continued its social dialogue with works councils and unions on national level. This resulted in several collective labour agreements at the business unit, country or store level, depending on local laws and customary practices.