Diversity management

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Average age of the workforce (years)



Recruitment of employees in the 50-plus age group in Germany



Recruitment of employees in the 50-plus age group at international level



Share of employees in the 50-plus age group as a proportion of the total workforce in Germany



Share of employees in the 50-plus age group as a proportion of the total workforce at international level



Employees with recognised severe disability or equivalent persons in Germany



Employees with recognised severe disability or equivalent persons at international level



We firmly believe that inclusion and diversity lead to better business results for METRO GROUP – through improved representation of our customers within the company, access to a larger talent pool and greater employee engagement and development. Going beyond gender diversity, our “Inclusion & Diversity” approach places the focus on the individuality and diversity of our employees, thereby creating a truly empowering work environment for all METRO GROUP employees. For this reason, METRO GROUP must create an inclusive work environment and open work culture in which individual differences are respected, valued and developed, resulting in a diverse workforce in which each individual can fully unfold and leverage his or her individual potential and strengths.

During the reporting period, METRO GROUP continued to rigorously implement its strategy for promoting inclusion and diversity. For example, the “Inclusion for Growth” programme to raise awareness for the topic of diversity was developed to drive broad-based cultural change within the company. Workshops and an e-learning module were designed to sensitise employees in all countries and at all hierarchical levels to the issue of inclusion and diversity. Implementation of the programme at METRO AG as well as at METRO Cash & Carry began last year. Furthermore, this topic will be included in a global leadership curriculum which will be implemented from 2017. METRO GROUP has been represented on the board of directors of Charta der Vielfalt e. V. (Charter of Diversity) since 2013. To mark the fourth German Diversity Day, we organised a joint event under the slogan “Vielfalt statt Einfalt – Kulturelle Kompetenz für wirtschaftlichen Erfolg” (“Diversity versus simple-mindedness – Cultural competence for business success”) with the Diversity Network Rhine-Ruhr in June 2016. About 100 executives from the member companies were invited to explore the many facets of the topic and its significance for their leadership tasks.

METRO GROUP currently employs two full-time employees with responsibility for inclusion and diversity with a budget of €200,000. METRO GROUP has pledged to focus on the following dimensions of diversity in order to build a more balanced workforce and thus become an employer of choice:

  • Gender, for example through more women in management positions (see next section). The Women in Trade (WiT) employee network now has about 290 members. The network intends to help to raise the share of women in management positions, to promote internal and external dialogue and to create better working conditions for women in the company. The network has an international orientation.
  • Cultural background and religion, for example through the representation of a greater number of different nationalities and more cultural diversity in the executive boards of METRO Cash & Carry’s national subsidiaries. During the reporting year, people from 169 countries worked for METRO GROUP.
  • Age, for example by intensifying an open-minded relationship between younger and older employees and by promoting a mindset that prefers rationality to seniority.
  • Employees with special needs, for example through employment of people with disabilities that goes beyond legal minimum requirements. The proportion of employees with a recognised severe disability or equivalent persons in METRO GROUP is above the legal minimum requirement of 5 per cent.
  • Sexual orientation, for example by further promoting open-minded interaction with people having a different sexual orientation. Founded in 2015, the LSBTI network for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersexuals has set itself the objective of raising awareness of the topic of sexual orientation and identity. During the Campus Days in June 2016, METRO PRIDE launched an ambassador programme as part of a workshop on the topic of sexual orientation and identity.

Our Real sales line has also directed its attention to young people who have been unable to find a vocational training position or are not fully prepared to assume such a position, who have learning difficulties or are socially disadvantaged. They are given the opportunity to take part in the company initial qualification programme Einstiegsqualifizierung, EQ. This is a national occupational orientation programme in Germany that is part of the Nationaler Pakt für Ausbildung und Fachkräftenachwuchs (National Pact for Career Training and Skilled Manpower Development). The young people become acquainted with working life over a period of six to twelve months. The initial qualification programme serves to open doors to a training position or job. During the reporting period, more than 20 young people at Real took part in the programme. About 40 per cent began an apprenticeship position after completing the programme. Real received the “Inclusion Award 2015” in the "large companies" category for its multifaceted initiatives and its engagement in employing people with disabilities. This annual award is presented by the UnternehmensForum to companies that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to inclusion in the workplace and sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Equal opportunities

As part of our diversity management, we promote equal professional opportunities for men and women. In 2011, together with other listed German companies, METRO GROUP voluntarily pledged to increase the share of women in management levels one to three. During financial year 2013/14, METRO GROUP renewed its voluntary pledge to increase the share of women in management positions. By 2017, the share of women in management positions (levels one to three) is to reach 25 per cent company-wide. At METRO AG, the share of women in the first two management levels below the Management Board should also amount to 25 per cent by 2017. We will consider these goals in succession planning and recruitment. They correspond to the goals which the Supervisory Board sets for the Management Board.

For more information about the objectives regarding the composition of the Management and Supervisory Boards, see the chapter “corporate governance – corporate governance report”.

Work-life balance programmes based on phases of life

Our headquarters in Düsseldorf has three day care centres with 242 full-time slots for children from the age of four months. The staff speak German and English to the children.

Share of women METRO GROUP

Share of women METRO GROUP (bar chart)

Share of women in management positions

Since 2010, the headquarters of Media-Saturn in Ingolstadt has been certified as a family-friendly company by the Hertie Foundation. As part of an array of measures aimed at supporting work-life balance, childcare during school holidays as well as nursery slots for children of employees are offered in Ingolstadt. In emergency situations, the services of the non-profit care services association Mobile Familie e. V. can be used for issues surrounding childcare or family member care.

In addition, Media-Saturn provides support by endorsing flexible working times. With the three-month sabbatical, employees have the option to take a longer break from everyday working life. The “My Day Off” programme allows them to gain up to twelve extra days of vacation per year. This is offset by a reduction in base salary.

The share of part-time employees at METRO GROUP rose slightly to 27.2 per cent compared with the previous year’s period (2014/15: 26.6 per cent). In Germany, 43.2 per cent (2014/15: 43.7 per cent) of our employees worked part-time; the international share of part-time employees was 17.2 per cent (2014/15: 16.5 per cent). METRO GROUP wants to support employees in all phases of life – and that includes the care of loved ones. Employees can obtain advice on all aspects of this issue from an external service provider with whom we have been cooperating since 2014.