Overview of the financial year 2015/16 and outlook

Earnings position

  • Like-for-like sales at METRO GROUP climbed by 0.2 per cent in financial year 2015/16
  • Due to negative currency and portfolio effects, reported sales for financial year 2015/16 decreased by 1.4 per cent to €58.4 billion (in local currency: +0.4 per cent)
  • EBIT from continuing operations before special items: €1,560 million (2014/15: €1,511 million) in spite of negative currency effects of €70 million
  • Profit for the period before special items: €727 million (2014/15: €688 million)
  • Earnings per share before special items improved to €1.96 (2014/15: €1.91)

Financial and asset position

  • Net debt declined by €0.2 billion to €2.3 billion (30/9/2015: €2.5 billion)
  • Investments totalled €1.4 billion (2014/15: €1.4 billion)
  • Cash flow from operating activities reached €1.6 billion (2014/15: €1.8 billion)
  • Total assets amounted to €25.0 billion (30/9/2015: €27.7 billion)
  • Equity: €5.3 billion (30/9/2015: €5.2 billion);
    equity ratio: 21.4 per cent (30/9/2015: 18.7 per cent)
  • Long-term rating of BBB– (Standard & Poor’s)

Outlook of METRO GROUP

The outlook is based on the current group structure and adjusted for currency effects. In addition, it is based on the assumption of a continuously complex geopolitical situation.

The outlook will be adjusted if the planned demerger of the group into two independent companies with a clear focus on the wholesale and food retail business on the one hand, and consumer electronics retailing on the other, is approved by the Annual General Meeting on 6 February 2017, as expected, and implemented, as scheduled, during financial year 2016/17.


For financial year 2016/17, METRO GROUP expects to see a slight rise in overall sales, despite the persistently challenging economic environment. The Real sales line is expected to generate slightly better performance compared with financial year 2015/16.

In like-for-like sales, METRO GROUP foresees another slight increase that will follow the reporting period’s rise of 0.2 per cent. The METRO Cash & Carry and Media-Saturn sales lines in particular are expected to contribute to this development. The Real sales line is expected to generate slightly better performance compared with financial year 2015/16.


In financial year 2016/17, earnings development will also be shaped by the persistently challenging economic environment, with political developments adding to economic challenges.

Nonetheless, METRO GROUP expects to achieve another slight improvement in earnings. Aside from operational improvements, METRO GROUP will again closely focus on efficient structures and strict cost management in this context. These measures are expected to result in special items for the last time, marking the successful conclusion of METRO GROUP’s transformation.

For these reasons, we expect EBIT before special items to rise slightly above the €1,560 million achieved in financial year 2015/16, although this figure will include slightly lower income from real estate sales than in the previous year. METRO Cash & Carry and Media-Saturn are expected to contribute to the slight earnings improvement.