Comparison of forecast with actual business developments


METRO GROUP had forecast slight sales growth adjusted for currency effects for financial year 2015/16. With an increase of 0.4 per cent in local currency, METRO GROUP met this target.

METRO GROUP had expected like-for-like sales growth (in local currency) to increase slightly. With a 0.2 per cent increase in like-for-like sales, this target was also met.


METRO GROUP had expected EBIT before special items adjusted for currency effects to rise slightly above the €1,511 million achieved in financial year 2014/15, including income from real estate sales. Adjusted for negative currency effects of €70 million, METRO GROUP’s EBIT before special items was €119 million higher than in the previous year. METRO GROUP thus met its forecast.

Sales lines

Among the sales lines, both METRO Cash & Carry and Media-Saturn were expected to contribute to total and like-for-like sales adjusted for currency effects. Adjusted for currency effects, both sales lines met this target. Sales at METRO Cash & Carry increased by 0.4 per cent in local currency and by 0.6 per cent in like-for-like terms. At Media-Saturn, sales rose by 1.6 per cent adjusted for currency effects and by 0.1 per cent in like-for-like terms. Sales at Real declined although the sales line had also been expected to increase its sales compared with the previous year. The drop in sales by 3.3 per cent was largely due to store closures, but like-for-like sales at Real also declined by 1.1 per cent (previous year: decline of 0.8 per cent).

Both METRO Cash & Carry and Media-Saturn were expected to contribute to an increase in EBIT. At €1,043 million, METRO Cash & Carry recorded slightly lower EBIT before special items in the reporting period (2014/15: €1,050 million) including negative currency effects of €65 million. However, adjusted for currency effects, EBIT before special items at METRO Cash & Carry increased noticeably. With EBIT before special items of €454 million, Media-Saturn also slightly exceeded the previous year’s figure and thus met the forecast. At Real, the EBIT forecast was made contingent on the successful implementation of the measures that have been initiated. Indeed these measures had a very positive impact on EBIT. Despite lower sales, EBIT before special items increased from €88 million to €100 million.