Media-Saturn is number one among consumer electronics stores and the associated products and services in Europe, with sustainable and profitable market positions in selected countries. The group of companies regards itself as a partner, daily companion and navigator for consumers in the fascinating but increasingly complex digital world.

Increase customer value

Increasing connectivity has resulted in a radical evolution of customer demands. Only a few years ago, store-based retail still served as the starting and finishing point in the purchasing process. Today, in contrast, the decision-making process can be begun and completed anywhere.

Media-Saturn has responded to this by transforming the basic formats of Media Markt and Saturn into 360-degree retailers focused entirely on the customer. Everything is tailored to the customer’s needs: from the supply chain through the design of the stores right up to customer relationship management and downstream services. In this constellation, the store is given a significantly more diverse role than it previously had. It transforms from a shopping location into a digitally networked marketplace, showroom and service centre.

Transform and grow

Online business is the key growth driver for Media-Saturn. This, in turn, is being driven by the dovetailing of online and store-based retail into 360-degree retail.

The amalgamation of pure-play online activities into the Electronics Online Group (EOG) also plays an important role in this development. The EOG has three functions: First, it further develops company shareholdings – apart from Redcoon, the EOG also includes attractive business models to cater to different customer segments and customer expectations. These include, for example, the live shopping platform iBOOD, which was acquired in financial year 2014/15. Second, the EOG also operates as a founder of start-up companies (incubation). Third, as part of the Spacelab accelerator programme, it creates loyalty to Media-Saturn among start-up companies across the entire value chain of consumer electronics retail.


Better basic infrastructure will be the backbone for future success. Logistics is a case in point. Until now, delivering to the stores was the prime objective of logistics. Today, more than ever, the customer dictates the time and location of the delivery. Any company that can organise customised goods flows will gain a competitive edge in procurement, planning and distribution.

The portfolio of countries and the sales formats offered there are continuously being optimised. The starting point for this process is provided by a group-wide modular system of formats and concepts, which enables formats to be adapted on a decentralised basis to individual local conditions.


Because retail has only begun to address the topic of digitalisation, continuous development has become part of the Media-Saturn strategy. This enables the company to recognise and integrate innovations and become an initiator for its market environment, customers and employees. Apart from the activities of the EOG, these innovations also concern the areas of digital innovation as well as product and service innovation.

Digital innovation includes the digitalisation of the business model, particularly in the stores. The group of companies tests new concepts here and introduces them at the international level if they are successful. They start with navigation aids for customers in the store and extend to digital price tags which customers will be able to link to their smartphones in the future to access additional information such as product comparisons or reviews.

Product and service innovation comprises new additional offerings for customers. With the acquisition of the customer and repair service provider RTS, for example, Media-Saturn will be able to offer a significantly larger range of services in the future. Then, the spectrum will encompass the planning, installation, servicing, maintenance and repair of the most diverse products – from domestic appliances through smartphones and televisions right up to entire smart homes. In the future, Media-Saturn aims to offer all these services both in store as well as directly at the customer’s home.