Sustainability management

METRO GROUP views itself as a member of society that contributes to social value creation. Our company’s responsibility to align economic goals with social requirements and the demands of customers, employees, investors and partners extends beyond compliance with legal stipulations. We must respect the limits placed on us by the environment. By taking this approach, we act today for the good of tomorrow. In line with METRO GROUP’s sustainability vision “we offer quality of life”, our business activities are designed to create added value while reducing negative effects. This makes all aspects of our business sustainable.

We offer quality of life …

And become sustainable
In all that we do …

for our customers …


… by constantly improving our processes and by providing local customers around the world with safe, high-quality products, and with products that are produced, processed and recycled in a socially responsible, environmentally sound and resource-friendly manner. This is how we secure our future.

... which is why we are working on responsible product and assortment design.

for our employees …


… by respecting, protecting and helping them to grow professionally at all times, and by building trusting relationships with them. This is how we create an attractive working environment

… which is why we systematically make sustainability a part of our work.

for all who work for us …


... through fair and responsible business practices and by providing fair living and working conditions. This is how we demonstrate responsibility in the supply chain.

… which is why we are committed to promoting humane working conditions.

for the environment …


… by protecting the environment, conserving natural resources and minimising our effect on the climate. This is how we help to create a sound foundation for retail of tomorrow.

... which is why we are focused on optimising our processes and utilising resources efficiently.

for society …


... by working on solutions to global challenges in a relationship of mutual trust with our stakeholders. This is how we contribute to sustainable development.

... which is why we align our business with the needs of society and contribute to our local communities wherever we operate.

Embedding sustainability

The strategic integration of sustainability into our core business operations is an essential aspect of our work to carry out our sustainability vision. We use a number of channels to ensure that this happens. These channels include our Sustainability Board and its committees as well as modifications of relevant business processes and decision-making procedures along with changes in our individual behaviour. The goal of this is that all individuals acknowledge the significance of sustainability with respect to both themselves and their professional environment, and that they conduct themselves accordingly. The issue can be encouraged from the top down, but it must be carried out by everyone.

Embedding Sustainability (organigram)



Status of goal achievement


Status of measures


METRO GROUP systematically makes sustainability a component of its business operations.

In progress

Integration of sustainability in all (fundamental) business processes by 2016. First step: identification of fundamental processes and their connection to the issue.

Measure ongoing

By 2016, we will sharpen employees’ awareness of sustainable behaviour. First step: preparation of an overarching concept designed to carry out a sustainability campaign including a sustainability day.

Measure ongoing

Integration of sustainability into training programmes. By 2016, we will develop training measures in corporate responsibility and offer them to all employees. First step: development of a general training format.

Measure ongoing

Our sustainability management

Sustainability management is designed to facilitate the integration of sustainability into our core business operations and to consider the interdependencies between economic, environmental and social aspects in an efficient, solution-driven manner. It is closely tied to risk and opportunity management at METRO GROUP. In this process, the company’s management is supported in its work to systematically identify, assess and manage possible deviations from the sustainability goals – that is, risks and opportunities.

For more information about risk and opportunity management, see the risk and opportunity report.

As a corporate body of METRO GROUP, the Sustainability Board ensures that the strategic objectives regarding the group’s sustainability performance are defined and that fundamental issues are reflected in corresponding goals.

The roundtable on corporate responsibility serves as the interface between the strategic and operational aspects of sustainability. This body lays the groundwork for decisions taken by the Sustainability Board and helps to carry them out.

On the operational level, the sales lines are charged with defining specific goals and programmes, putting them into practice in their daily business operations and ensuring that the objectives are reached. They report their progress to the Sustainability Board through the roundtable.

Our stakeholders evaluate the sustainability measures carried out by METRO GROUP, for example, through ratings. These evaluations provide important motivation to us and serve as a management tool because they demonstrate the progress of and potential to improve our activities.

In financial year 2014/15, METRO GROUP once again qualified for a place among the world’s most sustainable retail companies and is listed both in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe. Moreover, METRO GROUP was named an industry group leader in the category of “Food & Staples Retailing” for the first time in its history. The group’s total score increased to 77 from 71 in financial year 2013/14. This represents a significant improvement for METRO GROUP.

Assessment of relevant sustainability indexes and rankings





Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World/Europe

Industry Group Leader
Food & Staples Retailing

0 to 100


Oekom Corporate Rating

Prime Status

D– to A+


CDP Climate Disclosure & Performance Scoring

99 A–
Sector Leader Consumer Staples
DACH Region
MDAX Index Leader

0 to 100 / E to A


FTSE4Good Global/Europe Index


0 to 5


Sustainability Board (organigram)