Recruiting employees

In the competition for the most highly skilled employees and executives, we take steps to polish our image among potential applicants. For us, this also includes the initial training of young employees for retail, through which we can recruit employees from our own ranks.

Vocational training at METRO GROUP

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Number of trainees in Germany



Number of trainees internationally



Newly employed trainees in Germany



Trainee ratio (incl. interns and students) in Germany



Share of examination candidates who have achieved a training qualification



Share of qualified trainees with follow-up contract



We focus on needs-based training with the aim of hiring a large portion of trainees at the end of the programme. Management and the Group Works Council have signed an agreement stating that trainees who complete the programme with a positive aptitude assessment will generally be hired for permanent, full-time positions. The individual companies of METRO GROUP have defined their own specific requirements and possible exceptions.

During the reporting period, the high quality of vocational training in our sales lines was yet again confirmed by an independent authority. For example, in the Trainer of the Year 2015 competition run by the retail and food industry journal Lebensmittel Praxis, both our Real sales line and the METRO Cash & Carry store in Sankt Augustin, Germany, achieved first place in the category Cash & Carry, Hypermarkets. In addition, the Real store in Potsdam was awarded third place in the category Cash & Carry, Hypermarkets. Five former trainees of Media-Saturn were honoured with the Bavarian State Award for outstanding achievements. To reward young employees for top-class achievements, Saturn organised a motivational event in October 2014 for all employees who had completed their vocational training in 2014.

In addition to traditional training content, we also teach our young employees how to quickly take on responsibility and become involved in social causes. One example is the Good Deeds Day in June 2015: as part of this project, around 380 trainees in our sales lines and service companies, together with the North Rhine Red Cross Youth, collected donations for the reforestation of mangrove forests in Malaysia. Around 5,000 mangrove trees can be planted with the donations of about €15,000. With this action, the trainees are making an active contribution to climate protection.

In addition to dual vocational training, we offer young people the opportunity to attend a dual course of study with practical modules. In the reporting period 2014/15, 221 students were registered in Germany in nine courses of study.

METRO Potentials

In October 2014, METRO Cash & Carry launched the METRO Potentials programme in all 26 countries in which the sales line does business. The programme targets the best university graduates and young professionals worldwide who have two to three years of work experience. The aim is to build a sufficient pool of future managers and managing directors. During the two-year trainee programme, participants broaden their knowledge in various hands-on projects. They are also coached by their local mentor, a member of the responsible country management. The trainees complete various stations in their own country and abroad as well as at headquarters in Düsseldorf. After completing the programme, they are able to assume a management position, such as store manager. But the career path can go far beyond that, up to a position in country management.

Employer brand and personnel marketing

To enhance our profile among job applicants, we have partnered at the central level with universities and organisations such as the international student association Enactus. METRO GROUP promotes dialogue with students and graduates through the career network Careerloft. Through this programme, we support members in finding internships and offer exclusive events organised in conjunction with our sales lines.

In addition, our sales lines also conduct their own personnel marketing measures. One example are the career information events that Real offers at schools. The hypermarkets also take part in national campaign days such as Girls’Day and Boys’Day: in the reporting period 2014/15, about 400 young people took a look behind the scenes at the company for an entire day and learned about various training opportunities. In order to recruit young employees, Real focuses on other formats, including traineeship information on own-brand products, contributions on the sales line’s Facebook page as well as online banners and testimonials of trainees on online platforms providing career choice support.

During the reporting period, Media-Saturn also participated in Girls’Day once again. The group of companies provided information in particular about the technical jobs available in information technology (IT) and e-commerce. In addition, the Media-Saturn Meets Students event series gives students insight into the individual business fields and the opportunity for personal exchange with employees. Two events took place in 2015.

During the reporting period, METRO Cash & Carry reworked its international career page and updated it in line with its employer brand positioning. Furthermore, an international LinkedIn profile was created that provides information about career opportunities as well as about METRO Cash & Carry as an employer. The profile already has more than 50,000 followers.

Likewise, in Germany, METRO Cash & Carry directed its focus in personnel marketing and recruitment onto social networks such as Facebook as well as onto job and career portals such as Xing and Indeed. With enhanced presence in these channels, the sales line can boost its employer brand online and address new talent in a targeted manner.

Employer of choice

Independent rankings confirm METRO GROUP’s appeal as an employer both domestically and abroad. The national METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry subsidiaries Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal were named Top Employer Europe for the first time in 2015. In addition, MAKRO Cash & Carry Spain was yet again awarded the Great Place to Work seal, with METRO Cash & Carry India achieving second place. According to the Hay Group ranking, METRO Cash & Carry Russia is among the “Best Companies for Leadership”.

In 2015, Media-Saturn’s Belgian subsidiary achieved tenth place for the first time in the Great Place to Work rankings and is thus the best retail company in Belgium 2015. In addition, Media-Saturn’s Ingolstadt location was given the distinction “Fair Company” by the online portal