Media-Saturn: sector development
in consumer electronics retailing

Even without important seasonal events such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup, the German consumer electronics stores succeeded in increasing their sales by around 1 per cent, starting from an already high level. The normalisation in the IT business −2014 had enjoyed a special boom through the exchange of Microsoft operating systems – also had no negative impact on market growth. Falls in the TV and IT portfolios were more than offset by the introduction of the iPhone 6 as well as additional impulses in white goods, kitchen appliances and the beauty and wellness sector. Media-Saturn once again grew faster than the consumer electronics retail sector as a whole, thereby further extending its position as market leader.

In financial year 2014/15, the macroeconomic upturn in the European economy also reached consumer electronics retail in Southern Europe. Consequently, the Iberian countries experienced market growth at an above-average rate, and Italy also once again reported positive growth figures.

Consumer electronics retailing in Eastern Europe showed conflicting trends: Poland and Hungary were once again able to report stable growth in high single-digit figures. While Russia benefited in particular from early year-end buying by the consumers due to the fall in the value of the rouble, growth weakened in the face of the difficult economic conditions in the further course of the year. Media-Saturn was able to at least partially buck this trend, growing significantly more strongly than the consumer electronics retail sector as a whole.

The consumer electronics retail business in Turkey proved extraordinarily robust, achieving growth in clear double figures.

Greece remains a problem case, even though the growth rates – thanks above all to special effects in the second quarter of the financial year in the form of subsidies for the telecommunications and IT market – generated clear market growth.

The other, more strongly saturated markets Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria recorded slight growth rates. Switzerland, on the other hand, had to struggle with the rise in the value of the Swiss franc at the beginning of 2015 and was therefore the only country apart from Luxembourg to report negative development in the consumer electronics retail sector.

The Media-Saturn group of companies continued to strengthen its leading position among consumer electronics stores in Europe during financial year 2014/15 and substantially increased its market share. Building on its strong market position with a market share of 12.6 per cent in financial year 2013/14, Media-Saturn was able to increase its total market share across all countries by 0.7 percentage points to 13.3 per cent.