Shareholder structure of METRO AG

The shareholders Haniel, Schmidt-Ruthenbeck and Beisheim are the major shareholders of METRO AG. According to information available to METRO AG, they held 54.88 per cent of the voting rights as of 30 September 2013. The shareholder groups Haniel and Schmidt-Ruthenbeck are the group’s major shareholders. According to notifications of voting rights pursuant to the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG), they held 45.78 per cent of the voting rights as of the closing date. The Beisheim shareholder group holds 9.10 per cent of the voting rights, according to voting rights notifications. According to notifications of voting rights received by METRO AG, the Haniel shareholder group reduced its METRO stake by 4.23 per cent to 30.01 per cent on 5 February 2013. This stake totals 13.7 million METRO shares.

METRO AG’s free-float share of 45.12 per cent is divided among a large number of national and international investors. Notifications from fund management firms and other publicly available data sources indicate that US and British investors now account for the largest share of institutional investors, followed by investors from Germany. According to a notification of voting rights from 20 November 2011, the largest institutional investor is the mutual fund company Franklin Mutual Advisers. It holds 3.06 per cent of voting rights. The ten largest institutional investors hold nearly 26 per cent of the free float. In addition, METRO AG’s shareholder base includes an estimated 75,000 private investors. As a result, the number of private investors has risen by about 10,000 compared with the previous year, as has the general public’s interest in the METRO share.