Investor relations

Throughout the year, the Investor Relations department provides comprehensive information to all capital market participants. In performing this work, we apply the guidelines of contemporary capital market support. In particular, this involves:

  • Topicality: assurances of information leadership
  • Continuity: consistency in external communications
  • Credibility: dissemination of completely accurate information
  • Equal treatment: all recipients receive the same information at the same time

The fixed dates for regular reporting form the framework for capital market communications. These communications efforts began the year with the announcement of sales results for 2012 in mid-January 2013. On 20 March 2013, we presented the annual report covering business developments for the financial year 2012 in Düsseldorf during a conference for analysts and investors. A month after the end of each quarter, METRO AG held a conference call to inform capital market participants about the previous period. The conference calls can be followed live online and are available in the Investor Relations section of METRO GROUP’s website along with a presentation. The associated reports are also available there. We inform the public about additional relevant developments in investor news reports.

In 2013, we continued our direct dialogue with shareholders, potential investors and analysts through presentations in key financial markets in Europe and the United States. Nine conferences in New York, London, Frankfurt and Paris as well as 23 roadshow days in eleven countries supported the group’s capital market communications. In addition, analysts and investors had the opportunity to learn about the company’s high-performance capabilities by visiting the headquarters of METRO AG in Düsseldorf. The focus of these visits included store tours that served as a chance to demonstrate the conceptual strength of the sales lines of METRO GROUP. In general, the number of tour requests increased in comparison with the same period last year, indicating a continued high level of interest in METRO GROUP.

Private investors are another significant shareholder group. They constitute the largest number of investors. Their central and practical source of information is the Investor Relations section of METRO GROUP’s website. The online section includes insights into the company’s strategy and business development, new publications as well as an archive of annual reports stretching back to the establishment of METRO AG in 1996. In addition, investors can contact the Investor Relations team directly. The Annual General Meeting provides shareholders with the opportunity to learn more about METRO GROUP and see the members of the Management Board in person. During the Annual General Meeting, Investor Relations has an own stand and can be approached directly.

In 2013, METRO GROUP once again received several awards for its investor relations work. METRO AG was awarded fourth place among MDAX companies as part of the German IR Award presented by Deutscher Investor Relations Verband e. V. METRO GROUP ranked very well in the internationally well-known Thomson Reuters European Extel survey, especially in the individual assessment. In a competition called “Best Investor Relations Germany”, the magazine “Börse Online” ranked METRO AG fifth among MDAX companies.

These and other awards demonstrate to us that comprehensive, transparent information about the capital market is essential and is recognised by the market. METRO GROUP will continue to take this approach regardless of the stock market segment it belongs to.

What speaks in favour of the METRO share?

By purchasing METRO shares, investors gain a stake in METRO GROUP, the world’s fourth-largest retail company, with

  • METRO Cash & Carry – the international leader in cash & carry,
  • Media-Saturn – number one among consumer electronics stores in Europe,
  • Real hypermarkets – one of the leading hypermarket companies in Germany,
  • Galeria Kaufhof – market leader in the department store segment in Germany and Belgium,
  • a presence in more than 32 countries with an exceptional market position in both growth countries and mature markets around the world,
  • focus on profitable growth as well as sustainable, systematic value enhancement,
  • high self-financing power and an above-average return on capital employed in industry comparison.

Contact Investor Relations

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