From: Maik Reimann
To: Bianca Rittler

Subject: Turkish multichannel shop online as of 31 July!
Sent: 31 July 2013, 7.27 p.m. (CET + 1)


Hi Bianca,

Last night, our multichannel shop for Media Markt Turkey successfully went online – after a mere six months of planning. Despite a couple of nerve-wracking moments and some small hiccups, we were able to go live on time at 9.55 a.m. This is the third multichannel shop we have rolled out for Media-Saturn this year. As a result, we now have an online presence in one of the countries with the highest growth rates in online retail.

Media Saturn – Turkish multichannel shop online (Foto)

The shop has been very well received by our Turkish customers. Even though we conducted a “silent launch” with no advertising campaign, we received more than 100 orders on the first day. We are confident that our multichannel concept will continue to be successful.

It was another very exciting and interesting project that received much support from the country team. But I am now beginning to run out of steam, so we are going to go to the hotel and try to catch a few hours of sleep. Tomorrow at about 3 p.m. we’ll be back at the headquarters in Istanbul!

Kind regards,



Maik Reimann

MS E-Business Concepts & Service GmbH
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From left: Korhan Öz (CFO Media-Saturn Turkey), Bülent Gürcan (CEO Media-Saturn Turkey), Mehmet Çelikol (Head of E-Commerce Media-Saturn Turkey), Aziz Süzer (former COO Media-Saturn Turkey), Marcus Tengler (COO Media-Saturn Turkey)