The year in review

Selected events during the short financial year 2013


Media-Saturn discontinues business in China

16/01/2013 METRO GROUP announces that the sales line Media-Saturn will discontinue business operations in China. This decision is based on the experiences and forecasts of the two-year test phase that ended in 2012.

Label „Für mehr Tierschutz“ (Foto)

Real supports responsible livestock farming

18/01/2013 The hypermarket adds products bearing the new label “Für mehr Tierschutz” (“For more animal protection”) to its assortment. The seal of the German animal welfare associ­ation designates sausage and meat from animals raised in conditions better than those required by law. Products with this label are available in nearly 200 Real hypermarkets.

Prof. Otto Beisheim passes away

18/02/2013 Prof. Otto Beisheim, the founder of METRO Cash & Carry, dies at the age of 89. With his concept of self-service wholesale, Beisheim revolutionised an entire industry in the mid-1960s and laid the foundation for METRO GROUP today.

Change on the Management Board I

18/03/2013 Chairman of the Man­agement Board Olaf Koch assumes operational responsibility for the sales line METRO Cash & Carry, underscoring the priority METRO GROUP places on the wholesale business. The CEO of METRO Cash & Carry up to this point, Frans W. H. Muller, resigns from the company effective 31 March 2013. The resignation was issued under mutual agreement.


Change on the Management Board II

01/04/2013 Pieter Haas, previously a member of the management board and COO of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, assumes his new position as a member of the Manage­ment Board of METRO AG. In this role, he oversees Business Innov­ation/New Ventures, IT Management/METRO SYSTEMS and Media-Saturn.

Initiative for sustainable fish purchasing

11/04/2013 METRO GROUP forms a strategic alliance with 16 international companies and organisations to promote the comparability of fish certifications and awards worldwide. The aim is to create a harmonised assessment scale for sustainable fish purchasing within the next three years.

METRO GROUP marathon (Foto)

METRO GROUP Marathon until 2016

22/04/2013 METRO GROUP will remain the title sponsor of the Düsseldorf marathon until 2016. The retail and wholesale company’s sponsorship of this major sports event once again underscores its commitment to its hometown of Düsseldorf where its headquarters is located. In the reporting year, METRO GROUP assumes the role of title sponsor for the ninth consecutive time.

Change on the Supervisory Board I

08/05/2013 The Annual General Meeting of METRO AG elects Baroness (at that time: Dame) Lucy Neville-Rolfe DBE CMG as a member of the Supervisory Board. As a result, the share of female members in the retail and wholesale company’s highest governing body climbs to 25 per cent as the employee representatives increased the share of females and appointed three female members on 8 May 2013. The group has exceeded its planned objective: following the Supervisory Board election in 2013, at least 20 per cent of the Board’s seats are to be held by women. For 2018, the aim is to raise the share of female members to at least 30 per cent.

Fire protection initiative for Bangladesh

23/05/2013 Together with other companies and organisations, METRO GROUPsupports a joint agreement to improve fire protection and building safety in Bangladesh’s textile industry. The retail and wholesale company intends to provide expertise and financial support. The reason for the initiative was the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh that killed more than 1,100 people.

Media-Saturn takes complete control of Redcoon

07/06/2013 On 7 June 2013 Media-Saturn increases its stake in the online retailer Redcoon to 100 per cent. During the takeover of the company in 2011, the sales line secured the option of purchasing the remaining 10 per cent stake at a later date.


Prof. Dr Dr h. c. mult. Erich Greipl passes away

02/07/2013 Prof. Erich Greipl, a long-time member of the Supervisory Board of METRO AG, passes away at 72. The respected retail expert and managing director of Otto Beisheim Group GmbH & Co. KG was a part of METRO GROUP for more than 25 years and played a key role in shaping the company with his expertise.

Combined heat and power units for METRO Cash & Carry

05/07/2013 METRO PROPERTIES puts two combined heat and power units into operation at METRO Cash & Carry stores in Düsseldorf and Berlin-Marienfelde. From now on, the two stores can produce electricity and heat from natural gas and significantly reduce their costs in the process. The combined heat and power units were set up as a pilot project in cooperation with the energy company Eon. It is planned to expand the initiative to other stores.

Support for food banks in 21 countries

24/07/2013 METRO GROUPconcludes a three-year sponsorship agreement with the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA). The Paris-based association represents more than 20 national and local food banks in 21 European countries. METRO GROUP will provide financial support from 2013 to 2015.

Change on the Supervisory Board II

24/07/2013 In consultation with the Supervisory Board’s nomination committee, the Management Board of METRO AG files an application for the court appointment of Dr Fredy Raas to the Supervisory Board. Following the court’s approval of the application, he assumed the seat of the deceased member of the Supervisory Board Prof. Erich Greipl. Dr Raas is a member of the management boards of Otto Beisheim Group’s two asset management companies in Baar, Switzerland and in Düsseldorf, Germany. He is also president of the board of the Prof. Otto Beisheim foundation in Munich, Germany, as well as vice president of the board of the Prof. Otto Beisheim foundation in Baar, Switzerland.

Real and Galeria Kaufhof raise wages

31/07/2013 The two sales lines grant employees in all collective bargaining regions a monthly 2.5 per cent rise in their monthly salaries governed by the collective bargaining agreement. The rise is applied under the condition that it be included in later collective bargaining agreements. Depending on the collective bargaining region, the rise takes effect on 1 August, 1 September, 1 October or retroactively on 1 July.

METRO Cash & Carry salmon (Foto)

Complete traceability of salmon

01/08/2013 METRO Cash & CarryChina offers fully-traceable fresh salmon for the first time. The fish from selected salmon farms bear labels with bar codes. Customers can scan these bar codes using scanners at wholesale stores or a mobile app to track the salmon and view its complete transport chain.

METRO PROPERTIES Real estate fund (Foto)

Real estate fund successfully placed

04/09/2013 METRO PROPERTIES places 43 French stores of the sales line METRO Cash & Carry on the market in the form of a closed-end real estate fund. METRO PROPERTIES concluded two similar transactions in 2011 and 2012.