13. Earnings per share

Earnings per share are determined by dividing profit or loss for the period attributable to METRO AG shareholders by the weighted number of issued shares. In the financial year 2012, holders of preference shares of METRO AG were entitled to a dividend of €1.06 that was €0.06 higher than that paid to holders of ordinary shares. In the calculation of earnings per share, this additional dividend is deducted from profit or loss for the period attributable to METRO AG shareholders.

There was no dilution in the reporting period or the year before from so-called potential shares.

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12M 2012

9M 2012

9M 2013


Adjustment of previous year (see chapter “Notes to the group accounting principles and methods”)

Weighted number of no-par-value shares outstanding




Profit or loss for the period attributable to shareholders of METRO AG (€ million)1




Earnings per share in € (basic = diluted)1




Earnings per preference share correspond to earnings per share as the Management Board of METRO AG will propose to the Annual General Meeting that the complete reported balance sheet profit of €137 million be added to other reserves retained from earnings.