Systematic sustainability management

The central authority for sustainability at METRO GROUP is the company’s Sustainability Board. The board’s mission is to ensure that the issue of sustainability is systematically considered and addressed. Its focus is directed in particular at the interplay between economic, environmental and social aspects of the issue.

This includes using raw materials more efficiently, observing human rights and assuming responsibility for the environment.

Sustainability Board (organigram)

The Sustainability Board also takes decisions regarding practical approaches to the issue. The Sustainability Department at METRO AG acts as a subject-matter adviser to and a functional coordinator for the board. The thematic groundwork is carried out by four working groups. In the sales lines and service companies, sustainability officers help to introduce and implement the decisions in the operational business.

Sustainability management is closely tied to opportunity and risk management at METRO GROUP. In this process, the company's managers are supported in their work to assess and manage possible deviations from the sustainability goals, that is, to systematically identify opportunities and risks.

Additional information about risk and opportunity management can be found in chapter 12 Risk and opportunity report.

Strategic implementation of the sustainability vision

In 2012, METRO GROUP announced its sustainability vision. To ensure that we can consistently put our vision into action, the issue of sustainability must be firmly anchored in our company – both in our structures and in our attitudes and actions. We use a number of channels to ensure that this happens. These channels include our Sustainability Board and its committees as well as the necessary processes, programmes and changes in our individual behaviours. As a result of this approach, we ensure that the concept of sustainability spreads beyond its concrete integration into the company’s departments until it is included in all relevant business processes and decisions. For this reason, we developed a concept during the reporting period for which we then created an initial set of measures as a way of improving the systematic integration of sustainability into our company. The need for this action was clear: the issue can indeed be encouraged from the top down. But it must be carried out by everyone.

Enbedded Sustainability (organigram)

Focal points of sustainability management

METRO GROUP’s strategic sustainability management covers the following four focal points:

  • Supply chain and products
  • Energy and resource management
  • Employees and social affairs
  • Social policies and stakeholder dialogue

These focal points cover the parts of the value chain and our points of interaction with society where our influence on sustainability-relevant processes is the greatest and measures produce an efficient impact. Within these focal points, we have developed numerous programmes designed to achieve our strategic goals.

One of our primary concerns is to continuously monitor the strategic implementation of our vision and to communicate it in a transparent manner. As part of this effort, we announce sustainability figures regarding these focal points, including the sustainable development key performance indicators (SD-KPIs) that are relevant to the group management report.