Employees and social affairs

The driving force behind METRO GROUP’s business success and its contribution to society are our 269,493 employees. For this reason, sustainable company management at METRO GROUP also involves consideration of ways to further improve the working conditions of our staff and our daily activities. Consequently, the dedication of our workforce is a focal point of our sustainability management. With far-sighted human resources concepts, we intend to promote employees' satisfaction, motivation and value orientation. We thereby ensure that the company has the employees it needs, particularly specialists and managers, to conduct business over the long term. In addition, we provide a large number of employment and professional-development opportunities as well as an attractive working environment characterised by diversity and respect. By taking such steps, we increase our appeal as an employer and invest in the future of our company.

The human resources policies of METRO GROUP and key performance indicators are contained in chapter 6 Employees.

Our goal is not just to encourage the professional growth of our employees. We also intend to raise their awareness level about sustainability and strengthen their commitment to the issue. After all, by acting as role models and assuming their own responsibility on the basis of our shared values, our employees

  • create customer value by giving customers the feeling of being welcome, understood and respected,
  • develop trust that serves as the basis for a long-term business relationship as they work with our partners,
  • seize opportunities and create workable solutions by optimising our processes and by continuously improving the environmental and social impact of our products and services.

To ensure that every individual can explore, internalise and carry out the concept of sustainable, self-directed action, METRO GROUP has committed itself to integrating this approach into processes, training programmes and behaviour. With this goal in mind, we developed a number of activities and programmes during the short financial year 2013 that are designed to change behaviour. This work included the development of an interactive training programme about METRO GROUP’s fundamental approach to sustainability and the execution of an information campaign that uses practical examples to show how energy can be saved. These efforts will be rounded out in 2014 with a sustainability day.

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METRO GROUP is systematically making sustainability a component of its business operations.

Integration of sustainability in all (fundamental) business processes 2016. First step: identification of fundamental processes and their connection to the issue.




By 2016, we will sharpen employees’ understanding of sustainable behaviour. First step: we are preparing an overarching concept designed to carry out a group-wide sustainability campaign including a sustainability day.




Integration of sustainability into training programmes. By 2016, we will develop training measures regarding corporate responsibility and offer them to all employees. First step: development of a general training format.