Sustainability management

A company can be operated according to responsible business practices only if it addresses the social demands being placed on it and observes the limits laid down by the environment. We deeply believe in this principle of sustainability.

Our commitment to sustainability

We act today for the good of tomorrow – out of a sense of responsibility. This maxim forms the essence of our business activities and the basis of our long-term success. To decide how we can employ our energy and our resources most efficiently, we measure our success not only in terms of business results, but also in terms of economic and social values. Such values are created when we go beyond the requirements laid down by law and make a positive contribution to social and environmental improvements, strengthening the positive impact of our actions in the process. This fundamental understanding of responsible business practices is also reflected in our sustainability vision: METRO GROUP. We offer quality of life.

During the short financial year 2013, we set strategic targets for every aspect we cited in our sustainability vision. In this manner, we are adding specific detail to the vision, facilitating the measurability of our business performance and creating a foundation for our future activities.

We offer quality of life …

Because we are acting more sustainably, …


This covers the producers of merchandise (own brands and own imports) who carry out the final significant and value-creating production step.

for our customers, …

… by providing them with safe, quality products and services where they live around the world and by constantly improving our processes. And with products that are made, processed and recycled in a socially responsible, environmentally sound and resource-conserving manner. This enables us to secure ur future.

we are working on a responsible range of products and assortment design.

By 2015, we will have defined processes that will enable us to evaluate the sustainability impact of the own-brand products of METRO GROUP sales lines. By continuously carrying out our general METRO GROUP purchasing policy on sustainability, we will adjust all relevant product categories to reflect aspects of sustainability.

for our employees, …

… by respecting, protecting and helping them to grow professionally at all times, and by building trusting relationships with them. This enables us to create an attractive working environment.

we systematically make sustainability a part of our work.

Integration of sustainability in all (fundamental) business processes by 2016. During campaign, our employees' awareness about sustainable behaviour will be sharpened. Training programmes regarding corporate esponsibility will be developed and offered to all employees.

for all who work for us, …

… by doing business fairly and responsibly and by providing good living and working conditions. This enables us to demonstrate responsibility in the supply chain.

we support humane working conditions.

Inclusion of all non-food own-brand suppliers1 in a BSCI or equivalent social standard system by the end of 2014 if the final product is produced in a risk country (risk country based on BSCI definition).

for society, …

… by protecting the environment, conserving natural resources and minimising our effect on the climate. This enables us to create a sound foundation for retailing of tomorrow.

we are working on solutions to global challenges with a steadfast commitment to the issue and a trusting relationship with our stakeholders.

Our contribution to climate and resource protection: by 2020, METRO GROUP will have cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent from the reference year of 2011.