Transforming corporate cultures

In its strategy, METRO GROUP has set the goal of markedly raising added value for its customers. This requires that our employees know, grasp and support the strategy. Furthermore, they must be given an opportunity to put this strategy into practice. To facilitate this, the corporate cultures in the sales lines must be transformed.

During the reporting year, METRO Cash & Carry, the largest sales line at METRO GROUP, launched a sweeping process aimed at altering the culture. During conferences held in 2012, members of the company’s management drew up new guiding principles for all employees and managers. These objectives are:

  • Customer orientation
  • Global entrepreneurship
  • Success through excellence
  • Trust in our people
  • Authentic leadership
  • Sustainability

During the reporting year, these guiding principles were initially integrated into personnel programmes and processes that had been introduced as part of employee development. In this manner, we provide strong support to the company's new direction with the aim of creating a corporate culture that is characterised by mutual support, responsibility for every individual and personal growth. As part of “Leadership for Growth” workshops conducted by METRO Cash & Carry, around 26,000 employees and managers from 22 countries talked about cultural change. Over the medium term, the sales line will incorporate all employees in this process – beginning with executives in management levels 1 to 3 and extending to employees in stores and administrative positions. This represents a significant investment in the leadership abilities of all employees of METRO Cash & Carry.

These workshops represent the first step of a long-term change process. As a company, we believe that managerial actions are the driving force behind professional growth. Business growth is closely linked to the personal and professional growth of employees. The aim of “Leadership for Growth” is to sharpen the ability of every individual employee to manage himself or herself and to create the necessary conditions for cultural change.

The company’s other sales lines are also systematically working to shape and fuel cultural change. At Real, for instance, the sales line is evolving from a more centrally run unit into a more decentrally managed operation that focuses more closely on the customer.