Personnel marketing

In the competition for the best skilled employees and executives, we take steps that polish our image among potential applicants. To ensure that a targeted message is delivered to skilled employees and executives, we took an array of steps during the reporting period designed to sharpen our profile as an employer brand and to position METRO GROUP among relevant target groups.

At a central level, we collaborate with selected universities, colleges of applied sciences and student organisations as a way of recruiting the managers of tomorrow. As part of this work, we support the international association Enactus, which brings together about 60,000 students around the world. By contributing funds and ideas, we play a role in the promotional programme Accounting Talents at the University of Münster, which recognises outstanding work performed by students in the areas of accounting and controlling. METRO GROUP also attends job fairs to tell students and college graduates about our company and the wide range of job-entry and career opportunities it offers.

In 2012, METRO GROUP took another step that is designed to promote a direct dialogue with college students and graduates by initiating a partnership with the career network “careerloft”. In this programme, we support members by informing them about internships and job openings as well as offering mentors from our company. We also offer exclusive events organised in conjunction with our sales lines. One example of this activity is the METRO Cash & Carry Experience Day held in July 2013. Selected students were given far-reaching insights into the world of the METRO Cash & Carry sales line. The Experience Day included a company presentation, “speed-dating” conversations and a company-related case study. A tour of the Düsseldorf wholesale store rounded off the day.

At the beginning of the reporting year, METRO GROUP also created a company profile in the XING social network. The page’s 1,418 members will be continuously informed about group news and job openings.

Our personnel marketing activities focus intensely on target groups. For this reason, we transfer responsibility for implementing personnel marketing campaigns to our sales lines and cross-divisional service companies. These organisations have the best understanding of their target groups and their needs and can take appropriate steps to reach them. In the process, we assist them by facilitating a cross-company and transnational exchange of information. Using this system, project managers from the countries where the company does business and the individual sales lines regularly inform one another about current activities and potential synergies.

One example of personnel marketing undertaken by our sales lines are the occupational-selection events that Real offers at schools. The sales line also takes part in national campaign days like Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day: in reporting year 2013, about 450 young people took a look behind the scenes at the company for an entire day and had an opportunity to learn about various training opportunities. To recruit young people, Real also takes advantage of a number of other channels. These include broadcasting national radio spots in Germany, providing information about training on own-brand products and adding content to the sales line’s Facebook page. During the reporting year, Media-Saturn also participated in Girls’ Day. The group of companies provided information in particular about the interesting and challenging technical jobs available in information technology (IT). For the third time, Galeria Kaufhof organised Girls’ and Boys’ Day as a family day for the children and grandchildren of employees and their friends. In doing so, the sales line also expressed its admiration for families with children.

In addition, Galeria Kaufhof completely redesigned its online career page and let their employees speak on the sales line’s behalf – in videos, handwritten statements and accounts about work. The career page is also available as a mobile version with less content.

Employer of choice

Independent rankings confirm the appeal of METRO GROUP as an employer inside and outside Germany. For instance, a survey of European students conducted by the European research institute trendence found that our company ranked among the 100 most attractive employers in Europe (75th place). The personnel policies of our company are recognised at the country level as well. For instance, MAKRO Cash & Carry Belgium and MAKRO Cash & Carry Spain were named as top employers once again during the reporting year.