Occupational safety and health management

The health and safety of our employees are a top priority at our company. For this reason, we take steps to prevent potential accidents and physical problems that could be connected to work processes or could occur on the job every day. The 1,000-person quota for METRO GROUP companies in Germany was 23.11 in 2012. This means that there were 23.11 accidents per 1,000 full-time equivalents. To facilitate an internationally uniform evaluation of occupational safety at METRO GROUP, we are currently working on a standard group-wide definition.

A fundamental objective of our health managements activities is to address the growing demands of the working world and demographic trends. By offering programmes such as instruction on back exercises, physical fitness courses, corporate sports activities, nutrition and ergonomic consulting services and stress-prevention training, we help our employees to remain physically and mentally strong throughout their working lives.

In our work on occupational safety and health management, we underscore the responsibility that each METRO GROUP company must assume in this regard. These companies are charged with following occupational safety laws and group-wide standards as well as with implementing their own projects. METRO AG ensures that information is exchanged in a cross-company and transnational manner. We seek to achieve two goals with this work: First, we intend to save time and money by providing information about model projects throughout the group. Resources can be efficiently used only if all project directors know what their colleagues inside and outside Germany are planning and what they are working on. Second, we intend to use systematic knowledge transfers to achieve a high international level regarding occupational safety and health management. Our projects include the preparation of online training courses: We translate training programmes devised by country organisations into English and provide this information to all companies. Countries that are still setting up occupational safety systems are given high-quality tools and information.

To systematically improve occupational safety and to methodically promote the good health of employees, our sales lines carry out their own projects. Galeria Kaufhof, for instance, undertook a further step to support its managers and employees. In September 2013, the sales line handed out the practical guide called “No Stress with Stress” to all stores and departments. The information is published by the “Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit” (initiative new quality of work) and is designed with managers in mind. It contains many specific suggestions that can be applied on the job each day and offers practical tips about healthy management. As a way of appealing to each individual’s own sense of responsibility regarding this issue, all employees also received a brochure containing tips, checklists and testimonials about practical ways to apply the advice on the job.