Far-sighted human resources policies

The future of our company depends largely on our ability to react flexibly and rapidly to changing business conditions and customer needs. Within METRO GROUP, we empower our employees to optimally fulfil the expectations of our customers. By assuming the social responsibility that falls to us as an employer, we are simultaneously responding to demographic change: a shrinking labour pool, a rising average age of employees around the world and growing migration to Western Europe. In the race to attract the best experts and managers, our far-sighted human resource policies give us a considerable edge.

The human resource policies of METRO GROUP are therefore designed to promote the long-term commitment of qualified employees to our company. During the reporting period, average job tenure rose by 0.4 to 9.1 years. The group-wide turnover rate totalled 18.1 per cent (9M 2012: 17.9 per cent). In Germany, the turnover rate fell once again, dipping to 7.7 per cent (9M 2012: 8.1 per cent).

One critically important element in our effort to measure our staff’s morale and commitment to our company is the global employee survey that we regularly conduct in the countries where METRO Cash & Carry does business and in the headquarters. As part of the follow-up process, executives obtain in-depth insights into the survey results, discuss these with their teams and develop measures to improve employee satisfaction and retention. In the reporting period, the data were collected for the sixth time. To inform staff and managers about the processes involved in the survey and to underscore its fundamental importance, we developed information packs, training programmes and e-learning modules. 89 per cent of employees of the company units that were surveyed responded to the questionnaire. The results of the survey: since the previous survey was conducted, the satisfaction level (number of commited employees) rose from 56 per cent to 66 per cent. As a result, the score was 10 percentage points above the Global Retail Average Benchmark of Aon Hewitt. This positive trend can be attributed in part to the group-wide initiatives that we use to increasingly promote a focus on innovative ideas and encourage recognition of our staff. Our dialogue-focused corporate culture and our candid and trusting working relationship also helped to improve the level of satisfaction in the company.