It is the goal of our company to ensure that it produces long-term growth in sales and earnings. To achieve this goal, we need dedicated employees who bring our strategy to life on the job every day and, above all, create added value for our customers. They must be people who are literally “Made to Trade.”, that is, they must think like entrepreneurs and take responsibility into their own hands. As a result of this requirement, we continue to have a special need for motivated and qualified employees. Realising that the shortage of highly skilled employees will increase in the wake of demographic change, we apply long-range human resources policies: we systematically invest in the professional and occupational growth of young employees as well as in individual initial and further training programmes and foster a management culture on the basis of our mission statement. Our objective is to attract the very best employees, to support them in accordance with their drive and abilities, and to strengthen their long-term bond with our company. By taking this approach, we are determined to become the employer of choice among current and future employees.