Media-Saturn: developments in consumer electronics retailing

In the short financial year 2013, the Media-Saturn group of companies has maintained its leading position in European consumer electronics retailing. As a complement to its stationary stores, the sales line has continued to expand its presence in the fast-growing Internet sales channel.

In the short financial year 2013, the consumer electronics retailing segment in Germany has matched its performance of the previous year’s period. One reason for this was the fact that no major sports events took place in 2013. As a result, the important TV submarket has declined sharply. Despite reduced advertising activities, Media-Saturn has been able to gain additional market share in long-term comparison and to build on the previous year’s positive result. Regarding the Internet sales channel, which comprises around one-fifth of the entire German consumer electronics retailing segment, the group of companies has performed better than the online market overall.

In Western Europe, sales generated by the consumer electronics stores in the short financial year 2013 have fallen. This decline in sales has been smaller than the decrease experienced in the corresponding previous year’s period. Sales in the crisis countries Spain and Portugal have continued to plummet. By contrast, the Italian market has produced marginal sales growth again.

In Eastern Europe, consumer electronics sales have continued to rise during the reporting period. Russia and Turkey have remained the main drivers of this growth. The Polish market has also continued to grow despite solid previous-year figures produced on the back of the European football championship. The consumer electronics market in Hungary has also performed well.

Overall, Media-Saturn has expanded or maintained its market share even outside Germany.