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The World of METRO Group

In financial year 2013/14, we are offering you insight into our business activities with three publications: the Annual Report, our Corporate Responsibility Report and “The World of METRO Cash & Carry”. Although these are very different publications, they all have one thing in common: they are centred on our employees. Our staff works hard every day to help our customers.

The world of METRO Cash & Carry

Our employees are at the centre of the world of METRO Cash & Carry. Every day, they attend to the needs of our customers, giving our company a face with their individual personalities. In this publication, we would like to introduce five of our employees – and to show what inspires them in their work and in their free time.

  • Germany
  • France
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • China

Along this journey, we will provide you with valuable information, tips and facts about all countries in which METRO Cash & Carry is present. Using ten prime examples of projects, we demonstrate exactly what makes us successful in international business.
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METRO Group Annual Report 2013/14

Interview with the Chairman of the Management Board

We can only develop an ideal attitude … we should always be moving forward, thinking one step ahead and creating added value as a result.
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Overview of financial year 2013/14

  • +1.3 % Sales In financial year 2013/14, METRO GROUP sales, adjusted for portfolio and currency effects, grew by 1.3 per cent. More about the earnings position
  • €1,273 million EBIT Group EBIT reached a total of €1,273 million in financial year 2013/14. EBIT before special items totalled €1,727 million. More about the sales and earnings developments
  • €1.84 Earnings per share Earnings per share before special items totalled €1.84. This result forms the basis for the dividend recommendation. More about the METRO Share

Corporate Responsibility Report 2013/14

Our employees are the main focus of the METRO Group Corporate Responsibility Report 2013/14. They fulfil social responsibility every day, both at work and in their free time, and give our company a face through their commitment. In this publication, we would like to introduce five of our employees – and show you what motivates them.

  • Procurement, production, processing
  • Transport, warehousing, stores
  • Customer
  • Waste disposal
  • Social engagement

In this report, we show which targets we have set ourselves in the field of sustainability, which approaches we are taking and which measures our four METRO GROUP sales lines implemented during the reporting period.
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