The new METRO Cash & Carry brand positioning

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METRO Cash & Carry is driven by a desire to help independent businesspeople achieve lasting success. The basis for this are relationships of trust and partnership with customers, suppliers and employees.

METRO GROUP’s largest sales line is expressing this aspiration by means of its new brand positioning, which was unveiled in 2014. Since the company’s success is dependent on that of its customers, it is the declared goal of METRO Cash & Carry to offer the owners of small and medium-sized independent businesses the best possible support. This is why METRO Cash & Carry offers independent businesspeople first-class products and excellent services and assists them with its many years of expertise and its creative ideas.

METRO Cash & Carry launched a global image campaign in early 2014 to present this new positioning to its customers, employees, business partners and the public at large. For the first time in its 50-year history, the company is using a common brand message in all 28 countries, based on the slogan YOU & METRO. YOU & METRO emphasises the importance of the close ties that METRO Cash & Carry maintains with its customers, business partners and employees. The motifs in the image campaign celebrate entrepreneurship by highlighting the passion, professionalism and commitment of the self-employed. The motifs also illustrate the things that shape the daily working lives of customers: successes big and small, but also challenges. In this way, METRO Cash & Carry is demonstrating its profound understanding of the needs of business owners and is positioning itself as a partner to them.

1 As of 30 September 2014

A variety of promotions and imaginative ideas

The 28 METRO Cash & Carry countries have introduced the new brand positioning with a variety of promotions and imaginative ideas over the course of the year. And they have all succeeded in impressively communicating this new self-image, be it by means of a flash mob, a living logo or a motif in a print ad.

  • Conference room (Foto)

    The new slogan was also brought to life in France: 500 METRO Cash & Carry employees came together in Nanterre on 7 April to form a human VOUS & METRO logo.

  • METRO EXPO Russia took place in Moscow at the beginning of April. The annual meeting for suppliers and store managers served as the ideal platform for the launch of the new YOU & METRO brand campaign.

  • At the very start of the anniversary year, METRO Cash & Carry Italy took the public by surprise with a flash mob in Milan. More than 200 employees came together on the piazza in front of the cathedral on 15 January and delighted the onlookers with a choreography that lasted around four minutes. This happening, which has racked up just under 55,000 views on YouTube, served as the start of YOU & METRO Day, when the employees visited more than 4,000 customers to let them know about the wholesaler’s new offers and concepts.

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YOU & METRO – The latest campaign

In addition, with the overarching YOU & METRO campaign idea and based on the new brand positioning, METRO Cash & Carry has developed its first international employer branding in 2014. The company is strengthening its global image as an employer by means of consistent messages and a uniform corporate design. In the accompanying campaign, company employees authentically communicate what sets METRO Cash & Carry apart as an employer. The more than 30 print ad motifs and a new image film feature committed and enthusiastic METRO Cash & Carry employees, all of whom have one thing in common: they think and act in a business-minded way in order to achieve success together with their customers.

  • METRO Cash & Carry’s new image campaign, YOU & METRO, focuses on customers, employees and partners.

  • Olaf Koch – Chairman of the Management Board of METRO AG (Foto)

    For the first time in their 50-year history, METRO and MAKRO Cash & Carry are promoting a shared brand message worldwide. (Translation: “For all who don’t just have customers, but also friends.”)

  • Label „Für mehr Tierschutz“ (Foto)

    YOU & METRO sums up what makes METRO Cash & Carry the best partner for business owners: a deep understanding of their needs. (Translation: “For all who organise their own organisation. From stationery to storage: keep track of your clients and organise your office with METRO’s own brand SIGMA.”)

  • METRO GROUP marathon (Foto)

    The campaign encompasses numerous images that focus on customer relationships. In addition, YOU & METRO is also used for employer branding. All of the images offer an authentic insight into the everyday work of customers and employees, showing successes and challenges alike.