Dear Readers,

This year, we are celebrating METRO Cash & Carry’s 50th anniversary – half a century of successful wholesale business and thousands of close-knit partnerships with our customers. For us, this is reason enough to have our largest and strongest sales line take centre stage in this year’s METRO GROUP Annual Report. With this publication, we invite you to go on a journey through the world of METRO Cash & Carry.

Along this journey, we will provide you with valuable information, tips and facts about all countries in which our sales line is present. Using ten prime examples of projects, we demonstrate exactly what makes us successful in international business. Above all, however, this publication shines a spotlight on five employees from five different countries. These employees stand for the 117,255 people who work for METRO Cash & Carry around the world, breathing life into our strategy and contributing to the success of millions of customers every day.

We made a conscious decision not to profile our five protagonists at work, but rather to portray them in their free time. After all, the passion that our employees have for their hobbies – be it beekeeping, forgotten vegetable varieties, birdwatching, dancing or music – also adds value to the company and gives METRO Cash & Carry its unique face. It is this that enables us to build diverse and long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners – in the full spirit of YOU & METRO.

The world of METRO Cash & Carry is yours to discover! I wish you an eventful, exciting journey – and that you enjoy reading our travel guide.


Olaf Koch

Chairman of the Management Board of METRO AG

CEO of METRO Cash & Carry

Our Employees


is a beekeeping enthusiast.

Alain Colas

is a big fan of the Middle Ages.

Justyna Kuźma

Her great passion is watching and photographing birds

Julia Polotseva

Her heart belongs to traditional Russian dance

Ling Jiaxing

Music plays a key role in his life.