Responsibility strategy of Real

Didier Fleury – CEO, Real (photo)
Sustainability means future viability for us. Therefore we expanded our product range in terms of ecological and socially responsible factors. New environmentally friendly energy systems and cooling technology were installed over a large area. We are constantly searching for new sustainable ways. So one of the important topics for 2015 will be the introduction of fruits from permaculture.

Didier Fleury,
CEO Real

“Responsible business practices.”


Under the slogan “Responsible business practices”, we pursue our sustainable efforts in four different areas. Working for a healthy environment, maximum conservation of resources and fair working relationships in a spirit of partnership are all an important part of our strategy. In this way, we make our contribution to ensuring that generations to come will also be able to grow up in a healthy physical and social environment with good prospects for the future.

Product range: sustainable purchasing

From producer to supplier and from logistics to sales, we are committed to sustainability and social responsibility throughout the supply chain. At the time of writing, we already have an extensive range of products selected in accordance with ecological and social criteria. One focal point is the issue of regionality – our corresponding assortment of 20,000 products comes from more than 1,000 regional and local suppliers.

Environment: eco-friendly actions

To cut down on its CO2 emissions at Real stores, the company made investments in energy-saving technology. Further optimisation and installation measures are planned for the coming years with a view to further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Employees: future oriented workplace

As a future oriented employer, we attach importance to a positive corporate culture geared towards performance and customer needs. Family-friendly and fair working conditions are important elements in this regard. At Real, weekly working hours and salaries are both based on collective agreements. We encourage new talents and provide training to our staff in order to give them the best possible preparation for the challenges associated with demographic change.

Customers: social responsibility

Another central pillar is social involvement. Together with our customers, we donated a total of €800,000 to charities and social institutions over the last year. Our commitment to the Tafel food banks and UNICEF is complemented by a wide range of local activities initiated by employees.