Responsibility strategy of METRO Cash & Carry

Olaf Koch – Chairman of the Management Board of METRO AG, CEO of METRO Cash & Carry (photo)
Sustainability is not just an obligation. We need to turn it around and see it as making METRO Cash & Carry competitive, generating value for the company and creating new opportunities.

Olaf Koch,
Chairman of the Management Board of METRO AG, CEO of METRO Cash & Carry

“Potential to help counter global challenges.”

METRO Cash & Carry

At METRO Cash & Carry, we not only acknowledge the significant impact global challenges have on our business as a wholesaler but also see it as an opportunity to come up with solutions to tackle those challenges. We recognise the need to contribute to the sustainable development of our common future.

Through our customers, our offerings reach more than 10 per cent of the global population as end consumers. This figure underscores the huge potential METRO Cash & Carry has to help counter global challenges. We can therefore achieve our greatest impact on sustainable development by being an enabling partner for our customers and helping them to run a responsible business. Simultaneously, we aim to minimise the negative impact our own business operations have on the environment and on society.

We initiated our Corporate Responsibility Programme in 2014. We focus on the continuous development of our product range with a view to having a comprehensive, sustainable assortment. The steps we are taking to achieve this encompass everything from carefully selecting manufacturers, agricultural growers and both food and non-food producers to taking a responsible approach to transport, storage and distribution, and operating our wholesale stores in a way which conserves resources. We are also working to constantly improve collaboration with our suppliers and expect them to comply with certain social standards in their factories. Within our business processes, our operations are arranged with regard to energy and resource efficiency. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we are tracking the CO2 emissions we produce, continuing our energy-saving programme and switching to more sustainable heating, cooling and lighting systems wherever possible.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility starts with ourselves. Our ambition is to be a good employer for our own people and to encourage end consumers to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle through our offers and collaboration with our customers.