Responsibility strategy of Media-Saturn

Pieter Haas – Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Media-Saturn (photo)
We aim to embed sustainable principles in the thoughts and actions of all our employees as well as in our business processes. By the end of 2015, we plan to implement approximately 20 projects in the areas of supply chain, customer information, product range and presentation, but also in the management of our commercial real estate.

Pieter Haas,
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Media-Saturn

“Embedding sustainability in the corporate strategy.”


Media-Saturn is attaching greater importance to corporate responsibility and sustainability as it moves forward and is embedding sustainable thoughts and actions in its corporate strategy. With this aim in mind, the group of companies has initiated a sustainability programme that is based on the values of Media-Saturn: entrepreneurship and consistent customer orientation. It combines environmental, social and employee-oriented measures in two action areas: “Responsibility” and “Customers”. To ensure successful implementation within the company, the programme also focuses on motivating employees to act in a sustainable way.


The action area “Responsibility” comprises projects that encourage and demand individual and corporate responsibility for sustainability within the company and at its suppliers. Protecting the environment through energy-saving and resource-friendly measures is just as much a part of this as compliance with human rights, fair wages and also occupational health and safety. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is an important part of the sustainability programme as well.


In this action area, products and services are enhanced in such a way that they are also attractive for customers in terms of sustainability aspects. By means of various projects, Media-Saturn aims to increase transparency for customers regarding the environmental friendliness of the product range – both online and on mobiles. Projects in this area include the introduction of a purchasing guideline with unambiguous sustainability criteria as well as optimised labelling of sustainable items in stores and in e-commerce.

Employee motivation

Sustainable principles can only be put into practice if they are embedded in the way all employees think and act. Therefore, one focus of the sustainability programme is on internal communications. It is not only a matter of educating employees, but also motivating them to boost sustainability in their autonomous actions and decisions.