Responsibility strategy of Galeria Kaufhof

Lovro Mandac – CEO, Galeria Holding (photo)
We have consistently tailored Galeria Kaufhof to meet customers’ requirements. Our customers trust us to take responsibility for people, the environment and society. We want to strengthen this trust even further.

Lovro Mandac,
CEO, Galeria Holding

“The future is green.”

Galeria Kaufhof

As far as Galeria Kaufhof is concerned, one thing is for sure: our future is as green as the colours of our logo. We are convinced that only social, ecological and ethical behaviour can form the basis for sustainable commercial success. It is also becoming increasingly important as regards our customers to take a responsible approach to people, animals and resources.

That is why we have embedded sustainability in our mission statement: our actions are geared towards achieving commercial success while treating people with respect, protecting the environment and taking social responsibility. For some years now, we have been pursuing a long-term sustainability strategy which underlines and consolidates our commitment as one of Europe’s leading department stores. This primarily focuses on measures that will deliver concrete benefits for our customers. These include our selection of top-quality own brands, produced under fair working conditions and in an environmentally friendly manner, a broad eco-friendly range including textiles which are very gentle on the skin, natural skincare and meat products from livestock able to express natural behaviour, and a store design that makes shopping a more pleasant experience for people of all ages. All this is complemented by improvements across the entire company: the reduction of our ecological footprint and a commitment to both society and our own employees. In the eyes of our customers, it is primarily our products that underscore our commitment to corporate responsibility. They help us to credibly and tangibly demonstrate that sustainability is not merely a buzzword for Galeria Kaufhof – it is a principle that guides all our actions.