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“Helping people in need should be second nature for everyone.”


METRO GROUP, Düsseldorf (Germany)

One of us:

Lead Manager of Events & Sponsoring
Düsseldorf (Germany)
Julia Selle (photo)

In her role as lead manager of events and sponsoring, JULIA SELLE’s work includes coordinating METRO GROUP’s long-standing involvement in the Düsseldorfer Tafel e. V. food bank organisation. What she particularly likes about her work is that ideas take shape and are put into action quickly. This also applies to supporting the food bank: help goes directly to those who need it. METRO GROUP’s commitment is a matter close to Julia Selle’s heart because it allows her to provide hands-on assistance and really make a difference.

  • Food bank delivery (Foto)

    Joint effort. Heike Vongehr, Chairwoman of food bank organisation Düsseldorfer Tafel e. V., and Julia Selle share an important goal: to provide food to people in need in Düsseldorf on a regular basis.

  • Food bank delivery (photo)
  • Food bank delivery (photo)
  • Food bank delivery (photo)

METRO GROUPSocial engagement

As a retail company, it stands to reason that METRO GROUP has close ties with its various social environments. Every day, we cultivate relationships with many millions of people: people who work for or with us at our locations, people who shop at our stores, or people with whom we have some other relationship. Our social and environmental engagement in the places where we are based and interact with people is something that we also see as a means of adding value. This is because it helps to overcome social challenges. Our commitment to environmental and social issues therefore aims to foster intercultural dialogue, to lend support to our locations and their local communities, and to provide assistance directly to those in need. In this way, METRO GROUP meets its social responsibility as a corporate citizen.

At the same time, we support our employees who work to implement these activities – helping them to hone their social skills and allowing them to work on their own initiative. This is because enabling staff to address social issues at work heightens awareness of METRO GROUP’s close ties with society and the associated cause-and-effect relationships. The ability to identify these relationships ultimately affects a company’s chances of surviving on the market. At the same time, our employees have the satisfaction of knowing that they are able to make a difference to society with the backing of their employer and share this with their family and friends. This in turn helps people to identify more strongly with the company.

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