“Transparency throughout the supply chain offers our customers added value.”


METRO Cash & Carry, Neuss (Germany)

One of us:

Customer Manager
Neuss (Germany)
Gabriele Erb (photo)

As a customer manager, GABRIELE ERB pays regular visits to the owners of bars, restaurants, hotels and catering companies at their business premises. She knows from experience that customers value and expect excellent product quality, outstanding advice and professional service. For Gabriele Erb, fulfilling these expectations and giving 100 per cent every day is both challenging and motivating. It also lays the foundations for a trust-based partnership with her customers. This is one of the reasons why it is important to Gabriele Erb that she can provide extensive information about the products’ quality, origin and supply chain. This ensures transparency – for her customers’ customers as well.

  • Gabriele Erb visiting Michael Mylord, owner of Vogthaus Brauerei-Ausschank in Neuss (photo)

    Transparency guaranteed. With the aid of the “follow METRO” app, Michael Mylord, owner of Vogthaus Brauerei-Ausschank in Neuss, can trace the origins of the salmon on his menu any time.

  • Vogthaus Brauerei-Ausschank (Foto)
  • Vogthaus Brauerei-Ausschank (Foto)
  • Vogthaus Brauerei-Ausschank (photo)


Our sales lines aim to create added value for their customers. They put together their specific ranges of products and services in such a way that they are able to meet even the most diverse needs of private and commercial customers optimally. As well as conforming to the highest standards of safety and quality, it is becoming increasingly important that these products and services are socially and environmentally sound – from production and procurement to usage and ultimately disposal. It is important to us that our customers can have complete trust in these aspects of our products and services when buying and using them. Because of this, we focus on measures with which we can influence the safety, quality and sustainability of the products in our various ranges. Our aim is to provide a high degree of transparency throughout the entire value chain. We want to know where our products came from and what resources were used – and we want to be able to trace how they were processed. Within the scope of our supply chain and product management activities, we achieve this by implementing our guidelines for sustainable purchasing. These define quality and sustainability criteria and require that compliance with quality and sustainability standards is monitored on a regular basis. We also ensure transparency through the direct working relationships that we have with our business partners and through innovative technical solutions with which the individual stages in the supply chain can be traced. When it comes to interacting with our customers, it is important for us to be able to understand and rely on these steps – not least because, for instance, our commercial customers have to provide their own customers with information on the origin and nature of goods that they are selling. In order to provide better customer orientation, we also use labels that certify products according to specific quality or sustainability standards. As well as this, we label our own-brand products accordingly, provide specially prepared information in our stores and interact with our customers. In this way, we support and encourage responsible consumption among our customers.