Our main spheres of action

The requirements of various stakeholder groups reflect the global social challenges that are particularly relevant for METRO GROUP as a retail company: safeguarding food supplies, conserving resources, demographic change and sustainable consumption. We can contribute most effectively to overcoming these challenges by incorporating relevant actions into our core business. This is because it is here that we can exert the greatest influence on issues, structures and processes. In our core business, we identify spheres of action that are relevant from an economic perspective and are also significant for the environment and society as a whole.

Accordingly, the following are of central importance for METRO GROUP:

  • Dealing with employees and shaping their working conditions
  • Working with suppliers and helping them to comply with quality, social and environmental standards
  • Procuring resources, using them efficiently and avoiding waste
  • Providing customers with high-quality products with the soundest possible social and environmental credentials and offering sustainable alternatives
  • Social commitment with regard to our core business and in areas where help is urgently needed

In this Corporate Responsibility Report, we present these main spheres of action along a typical supply chain – beginning with procurement, production and processing, then moving on to transport, warehousing and stores before showing how the products we sell are used by our customers and disposed of at the end of the product life cycle. The report concludes with a chapter on our social commitment – yet another way in which we are addressing the challenges faced by society.