Our sustainability management

Sustainability management serves to help embed sustainability in the core business and ensure that whenever economic and environmental or social considerations affect one another, overlaps are dealt with in an efficient, solution-oriented way. It also assists in shaping sustainability-related guidelines such as legal requirements or standards that apply to the company.

As there are many different units and company formats within METRO GROUP, clear structures have been put in place to ensure that strategic and operational elements interlock optimally. Our objective is to preserve the sales lines’ operational independence so that we can meet the requirements of local markets and customers. At the same time, it is important to tap synergies with a view to achieving the group’s shared strategic goals. The structure and processes of the METRO GROUP sustainability management enable us to deliver on this.

As an official METRO GROUP body, the Sustainability Board makes sure that the right strategic course is pursued with respect to the group’s sustainability performance and key issues are covered by means of relevant targets. The board consists of the director responsible for sustainability, the CEOs of the sales lines, and the sustainability managers from METRO AG and the sales lines.

The sustainability managers are responsible for making sure that sustainability is integrated into the business at the sales lines and at group level. This is done by rolling out this concept in the various corporate divisions and taking it into account during decision-making.

The round table on corporate responsibility acts as an interface between the strategic and operational dimensions of sustainability. This body prepares decisions to be approved by the Sustainability Board and helps to implement them. Actions taken by the individual sales lines contributing to achieve METRO GROUP’s sustainability targets are coordinated by the round table. Its primary role is to act as a platform that brings together all the sustainability managers and allows them to pool their expertise. Synergies are created, for example when the participants discuss how they view certain topics and deal with them. These can help the operating divisions to manage their specific issues. When necessary, project groups are also selected from interdisciplinary teams within or across the sales lines to deal with particular questions in a targeted manner.

The sales lines are responsible for defining specific targets and measures at operational level, acting on these in day-to-day business and ensuring that goals are met in a sustained fashion. They inform the Sustainability Board about their progress via the round table.

Each METRO GROUP sales line has developed its own approach – based on the specific requirements of its operational business – to deal with relevant aspects of sustainability. These approaches are outlined on the next few pages.

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