An external perspective on our activities

In defining strategic objectives and designing concrete measures in the field of sustainability, we do not rely solely on our internal viewpoint and our own experiences. Rather, we attach importance to taking on board the opinions and expertise of different stakeholder groups and external experts. This influences our business in two ways: the interaction helps to reinforce trust in our company and the dialogue helps to increase the chances of our activities succeeding.

By taking part in economic and sociopolitical discourse and working together with external stakeholder groups, we are in a position to identify their requirements concerning our activities and address relevant issues at an early stage. In the case of a number of issues, interacting with others on an ongoing basis is fundamental in enabling us to take an efficient, solution-oriented approach to social challenges. This is because we firmly believe that, when many players pool their knowledge and act together systematically, the leverage and impact that this produces is all the greater.

The measures that we implement in the field of sustainability are evaluated among other things by our stakeholder groups in the form of ratings. These assessments are an important source of motivation for us and also act as a management tool by illustrating progress and potential for improving our activities.

Evaluation in relevant sustainability indices and rankings


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Deviates from the KPI quoted in the management report and in the print version of the METRO GROUP Corporate Responsibility Report 2013/14. The rating agency upgraded our rating from C to C+ on 10 December 2014.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World/Europe


0 to 100


Oekom Corporate Rating1

C+ Prime Status

D– to A+


CDP Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) DACH region

Sector Leader Consumer Staples

0 to 100/E to A


FTSE4Good Global/Europe Index