Corporate Responsibility Report 2013/14

In this report, we show which targets we have set ourselves in the field of sustainability, which approaches we are taking and which measures our four METRO GROUP sales lines implemented during the reporting period.

Letter from the Management Board

Taking centre stage in this report are five of our employees. Our portraits of them show how they contribute to sustainability efforts on both, a personal and a professional level. They represent all those people in our company who work to meet the needs of our customers every day. Their tireless efforts help us to tackle social challenges and to make the vision of responsible business practices an everyday reality in our company.

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Scope for action

Our scope for action

Safeguarding food supplies, conserving resources, demographic change and sustainable consumption are particularly relevant for METRO GROUP as a retail company.

More on the global social challenges


Main spheres of action

Our main spheres of action

Along a typical supply chain


Sustainability strategy

Sustainability strategy

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